Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 9 Notes

March 6th, 2014.

Moving Forward by Reaffirming our Position

More fun times! I really enjoy the show, but it’s not where I hoped or even expected it to be at this stage, in terms of plot, characters, and relationships. I really didn’t expect last week’s filler episode, they sort of keep breaking the pacing of forward movement for our adorable couple :3

Thoughts and Notes:


1) Quiet music, Rikka sighing, just pressing the back of a finger against Yuuta. Rikka is sad :< And losing her powers? Up until now, chuunibyou had been her defense mechanism to not let the world overwhelm her, but after last season, her chuunibyou had been another aspect in her relationship with Yuuta, so now her “powers” are being damaged from within, as she feels uncertain about her relationship, as she’s filled with doubt and uncertainty. This is almost like a pre-confession RomCom, except they’ve been a couple formonths now :P

2) “Sometimes you even forget the existence of the Tyrant’s Eye.” – You know, not being in a relationship isn’t an issue that needs resolving. Neither is not leaving your home. They’re only issues if you’re unhappy with them or they inconvenience you. Growing up and losing her chuunibyou is only an issue for Rikka is she decides it’s an issue. But if she stops caring about chuunibyou, then it’s not really an issue.

Except, Yuuta just told Touka that what he loves about Rikka is her following her chuunibyou path, so will he still love her without it? I think yes, because going on the path also includes stepping off of it.

3) What Sophia is essentially asking Rikka is, does she want to be focused on her self, or on Yuuta? If on herself, and on her past, then she will maintain the present. To maintain the present means she will never be able to advance with Yuuta. Part of her losing her powers, just like Sophia, is focusing on her feelings makes her lose track of other things, makes her lose her balance (that’s what anime tells us falling in love is like, it’s vertigo). But if she wants to focus on her relationship with Yuuta, to focus on what could be, then she needs to stop her inward focus.

You see, that’s exactly the thing, chuunibyou is an inward focus, relying on yourself and on your secret past, it’s a barrier between you and the outside world. But, don’t you want to let Yuuta in?

4) That upgrade sequence, in other shows you might expect it in episode 1, but here it felt more like end-game. We’ve had NGE references, and obviously TTGL (I will believe in the me that Yuuta believes in). She’s retaining her chuunibyou not to avoid progress with Yuuta, but because she cherishes the way she is now, which she only obtained due to Yuuta’s aid. In other words, her current self is a present and testament to her relationship with Yuuta. Thing is, it immortalizes her current self, but progress is important as well.

Progress? Almost like an upgrade. Go go Tyrant’s Eye Ver. 2, still chuuni, but perhaps with more kissing :3 Still though, feels kind of weird – Saotone accused her strength of relationship, would showing her relationship being powerful have been giving up on her powers for the sake of relationship, giving up on love in order to power up Yuuta, or as she truly did, showing her relationship is strong enough to be maintained without her losing her powers? Hm.

5) Oh noes, Saotone’s powers of love are awakening, the ones she had sealed in order to regain or retain her powers. She and Rikka are in a RomCom relationship with one another, just as one pushes forth the other retreats, and vice versa :P


  1. Is Yuuta regaining his old memories, of his old pact with Saotone? :P The Dark Dragon awakens. Ho ho ho!
  2. You’ll never live your childhood follies down Nibutani, so may as well reclaim them and make them yours.Pirate-hat Saotone for the win, though.
  3. To quote George Takei, “Oh my,” this dirty pair. Yes, I’m loving this fan-service that’s there, but not overly gratuitous or overly silly, feels in-line with the show, and just pleasant. Sue me :P
  4. Touka has a daughter?! WHAAAAA?! :O

    Touka, that was a joke? You’re evil.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Another fun episode, with more bittersweet moments. Did the plot “advance”? No, but it’s not a plot-driven show, but a character-driven one. Did Rikka and Yuuta’s situation change? Again, no, but a re-affirmation, a re-dedication, that is worthwhile.

I had fun, and it’s nice to see things focusing on the relationship once more, and yeah, Sophia’s feelings for Yuuta are rekindled again, so we may see drama on her front. Will she give up on her chuuni powers, ending up with neither powers nor Yuuta? Then again, she clung to her powers in an attempt to remain with Yuuta anyway…

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