Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 8 Notes

February 28th, 2014.

The Return of Mori Summer.

Last week was fun, even if Satone’s characterization was a bit flat. Some Rikka feels. Well, let’s see what we get this week, though I’ve been told it is filleristic :3


  1. Well, makes perfect sense, since Dekomori found “The Real Mori Summer”. Also, wow, I just realized – Dekomori, Deko-mori, and Mori Summer.
  2. Fake Mori Summer really looks like Nibutani :3
  3. Ok, so another filler, but I’ve really enjoyed the Dekomori and Nibutani filler :D Don’t mess with Nibutani. Sure, she’s saying horrible things about you, Nibutani, but she’s actually saying horrible things about one who masquerades as another, that is, herself.
  4. Oh man, this small moment between Rikka and Yuuta was great. “In the end, it doesn’t matter who’s the real one,” what matters is what you do with it. Emotions are real by existing, anything beyond it is irrelevant.
  5. Awww, the previous filler was about Dekomori and Nibutani together, now it’s about them being apart.

    I mean, this is what Nibutani supposedly always wanted – to reach the stage where her past can’t be connected to her, and she reached it, as had been proven to her. But both she and Dekomori realize another truth, what you say you wished for may not truly be what you desire. Nibutani didn’t want to be associated with chuunibyou, but as her spell showed us, she really wasn’t ready to leave it behind.

  6. Chuuni training! Kick-ass Rikka pose!
  7. I wonder if this fake Mori Summer is the stalker people had pointed out in all the past episodes, hm.
  8. Oh snap, it’s the return of the Mori Summer! Embrace your chuunibyou, for the sake of friendship! ;_;

That ED card was beyond cute.

Post Episode Thoughts:

I actually liked it. Nibutani’s lack of growth and then growth, her whole treatment of chuunibyou this season had been an undertheme that we kept returning to. I actually enjoy her and dekomori quite a bit.

And yet, it feels so weird to be at episode 8 and this is where we’re at. I was sure we were done with fillers. Man, they should have stuck all the fillers at episode 2-4 or something, and (not or), cut away the Kumin-senpai filler and ran this one immediately after the other Dekomori x Nibutani filler.

I enjoyed the episode, quite a bit, it just doesn’t feel right, where the show is as a whole, right now. Hm. Well, we just need 5 episodes of nothing but plot, I hope we’ll get them, but I suspect we’ll also get an Isshiki filler :-/

At least the other couple in this show admitted their feelings for one another, right?

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