Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 7 Notes

February 21st, 2014.


Woot, plot progress, continuation! Let’s go.

  1. The Deko-room, the room of Dekomori. So very girly. All pink. So much for “Death”. One can see she is a true follower of Mori Summers, speaker for fairies.
  2. Basking in the glory of her day-dreaming Rikka, let’s hope she doesn’t jump into the empty volcano :P
  3. Heh, so Yuuta’s solution is kicking the purse. That’s not exactly a nice solution to the bag and its contents.
  4. Rikka, oh Rikka. “Yuuta, you’ve forgotten our contract!” – Since the contract is the one defining them as a couple, she’s saying Yuuta is basically cheating on her.
  5. You can fall for this this Rikka-face :) And then she says, “Yuuta, I love you.” :O Even if she actually said “I like you,” this is still Rikka we’re talking about :O

Post Episode Thoughts:

I liked it. All the time with Shichimiya felt a bit flat, when it was the three of them. Seeing her memories of the past, and why she had decided not to change was nice, though. Then again, she decided not to change in order to remain next to Yuuta, but that means she also couldn’t change their relationship to be together with him.

But we’re here for Yuuta x Rikka. I do hope that they’ll actually do things with it soon :3 Still, some forward-progress, even if super slow.

I wonder who the fake real Mori Summer is, heh. I bet it’s Kumin-senpai.

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