Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 5 Notes

February 6th, 2014.

Kumin’s Big Break / Competitive Napping is a Thing.

Based on the title, I think this will be Kumin-senpai’s episode. I can sort of get them, the minor characters are probably not going to get much screentime later on, and people remember what happens towards the end of the season more than they do what happened at the beginning. So the season began by introducing the new situation and plot, and now we’re getting all the “filler” out of the way, so we could have the plot without interruptions later on.

I actully usually don’t have much to say that’s very interesting about this show, so I’m going to only note things that I find to be especially interesting. I’ll leave most of the “such a cute face!” comments to other people this time :)

Thoughts and Notes:

1) This is perfectly Rikka. Rikka is all about avoiding tough situations, and hiding behind her chuunibyou. Why do you have underlings if not to use them as a meat shield, eh?

2) As Rikka droned on about her delusions, I could feel Yuuta wanted to bop her head, but he couldn’t. Then he pulled out the elastic band. Yuuta for the win. Yes, this is fan-service. They’re going exactly within the lines already prescribed for the characters.

3) “I never knew there was so much to napping.” – And that is in a nutshell, this whole episode.

And these are our reaction faces, as the “plot” thickens.

5) Oh no you didn’t, Yuuta! You dog! :P Rikka is not impressed, mister.

5) The siesta club, and the way the president talked… how surreal it’s all been really made me think of Humanity has Declined (Jinrui was Suitai Shimashita). Just weird.

6) Kumin-senpai is the dark goat that brings forth the end of the world… wait, what?!

Of course, considering this whole episode is sort of mocking sports shows that try to turn any activity into some form of “competitive, high stakes, physical exertion” (Mahjong, go, karuta…), it makes sense they make use of the ancient sports-shows method to victory, meaning “Our friendship will conquer all!” when spiced with some chuunibyou sauce.

7) Kumin-senpai, you’re beautiful :3

Post Episode Thoughts:

Erm, yeah. So that was an episode. I smiled and laughed a bit, mostly at the battle in the end. It wasn’t a very exciting episode, but you can only make competitive napping so interesting (spoiler: Not very). Yes, they sort of mocked sports shows and even took their shounen philosophies, but it was always not entirely serious, you could see the show wasn’t keeping a straight face.

Next episode we either return to our plot, or we get an Isshiki episode. Considering how much they stressed him not being part of anything, it could go either way, either they’ll keep it as a running gag, or more likely, he’ll make his wailing return.

Remember, napping is easy. Just try to do something you should be doing, and you’ll be napping in seconds.

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