Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 3 Notes

January 22nd, 2014.

The Only Thing Worse than Being Treated Differently Is Not Being Treated Differently.

ATTENTION EDIT: The official subs got something major wrong. See this tweet. Apparently Satone left without saying goodbye, not Yuuta. Analysis changed to reflect it.

A new girl, a new chuuni girl, who probably has something to do with the picture Rikka saw of Yuuta’s past. Well, let’s see our couple be a couple of their own design, as they discussed last episode.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Yuuta isn’t Being Honest about His Feelings:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren / Chuu2koi Ren Episode 3 notes anime

1) Well, that’s obviously a dream. Wish they didn’t do the soft fuzzy edges and the tingly music to let us know so early :P But this continues with the fact that Yuuta does want more contact (with the contract), and would like the relationship to get deeper. No, not just because everyone says it should, but because he likes Rikka.

2) That was the dream, this is reality. LOL. More seriously, nice of Yuuta to think of what I outlined above, of course, dreams don’t work that way, but it doesn’t matter – what matters is what you think. Thing is, having expectations isn’t wrong, it’s a human thing, and also at the basis of all relationships, not just the romantic ones. You expect things of others, you expect them to act in a certain way. And in this case in particular, you’re a real person as well, not just an extension of Rikka.

3) Hm, this is interesting. Yuuta thinks the shirt is cool, but won’t admit it or put it on, he’s not being true his self, which is just like the situation between him and Rikka – he lets her be true to herself, and as such doesn’t voice his own desires and wishes. After seeing last episode, and knowing how shy Rikka actually is, I think he wouldn’t be as disappointed if he just said what he thought, how he feels, but he’s idealizing their relationship just as much as Nibutani had.

2) Frenemies? The Two Who are Alike:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren / Chuu2koi Ren Episode 3 notes anime

1) As someone who engaged in online freeform roleplay, here’s the issue – you can’t “win” unless the other side accepts you’ve won, you declare “I attack your leg with my sword” and it’s up to them to describe whether you hit them or they escaped it, so if you didn’t introduce dice-rolls, or some more mature players, it’d revolve to two god-moders who never have their characters fail. Of course, it’s different with Touka (The Priestess) because the fictional battle we see is merely a front to them all getting smacked by the spatula.

They truly are mirrors of one another, and that is exactly why Rikka fears.

2) Yeah, that scene between Rikka and Kumin is exactly the sort of joint improv battles that one could have in those freeform RP chats, including (at least one side!) someone being OP as hell.

3) And now we see Yuuta and Shichimiya know one another, and Rikka is shocked, though didn’t she find a picture showing it to be so? :3

4) Huh, interesting. Yuuta picked up Chuunibyou because he thought Shichimiya was cool, and then Rikka picked it off of Yuuta in a likewise manner.

3) Yuuta or Yuusha? I thought we had Something Special!:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren / Chuu2koi Ren Episode 3 notes anime

1) Do you guys remember what is Rikka’s biggest fear? Yeah, it’s being left behind.

2) Awww, “Why only me, Yuuta?!” – and then the worst thing happened, he bopped Satone on the head as well, so it’s not just Rikka, which she now finds out is even worse. She’s losing something only she had with Yuuta, even if that means getting bopped on the head.

3) Tautologies’R’Us – “It’s not goodbyes until you say farewell.” – This is actually the way last season ended. Rikka would not say her goodbyes to her late father, because so long as she did not give in to that final line, she could always think she’ll hear him again. That’s what the ending of last season had been all about. This is also why Yuuta got so worked up when Rikka just up and left and didn’t even say goodbye. It wasn’t a done deal, not truly.

Furthermore, considering Satone, the first Chuuni Yuuta had known had just up and left without any notice, and then Rikka, the second one, had done the same, it’s no wonder he really felt left behind. And see what I said above – it’s not just Rikka who fears being left behind, Yuuta fears the exact same thing. We all fear being left behind by the ones we care for.

4) And yeah, that girl. Considering how they kept touching noses in junior high school, I’m surprised they didn’t date (but seeing the point above, they all but did, perhaps) :P Then again, they essentially did date, just without calling it that. Well, the girl said she’ll support Rikka, but Rikka must feel even more cornered now, so I’m curious what Rikka’ll do with regards to her relationship with Yuuta now.

Shorter Asides:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren / Chuu2koi Ren Episode 3 notes anime Yuuta in drag yuta in drag crossdressing

Yes, that’s Yuta.

  1. I’m just laughing here. “So I must summon the dragon!” – “Hey, this is my shirt!” and then she just continues as if he never said a single word, living in her own world ;)
  2. “Stop that, don’t draw magic circles on my stuff!” – I expect this in novels with old wizards and their cleaning ladies, heh.
  3. Synchronized evil laughter. To be honest, I didn’t expect Rikka to actually pass Yuuta :3
  4. I’m sorry, the whole magical girl sequence had me laughing. LOL. LOLOL.
  5. Yay! “Banishment” instead of “Vanishment” again, it’s the small things that give you joy in life <3
  6. I took just a random shot, but Rikka has all the best stances, expressions, and lines.

Post Episode Notes:

I really like this show. I laughed, I smiled, I felt moments of warmth of the sort RomComs generate, and are why I even bother watching and enjoying this genre.

I’m interested to see how the couple’s relationship progresses, and again we have small things that show how people are, and how they’re not always sincere with their feelings. Yuuta isn’t, and neither is Rikka. Is Satone? Probably not, but she at least doesn’t seem like she intends to harm Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship, which I appreciate on “the characters as people” level.

Progress can be had, but that will require honesty, and actually talking things through with one another. You can do it Yuuta, because I am not sure Rikka can :3

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