Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 11 Notes

March 21st, 2014.


Man, last episode was great. In one episode they’ve done more work to establish Shichimiya’s character than they’ve probably done to establish Rikka in all of season 1. That stuff was also well-done, and emotionally impactful.

I wonder what we’ll get this episode. One can’t tell, with this season.

Thoughts and Notes:

  1. Plain-clothes Rikka. No masks, no funny voices. Just Rikka, worried that Yuuta’s worried over her. Very endearing.
  2. Nibutani continues with her preconceived notions of how “love” “should be”. “She’s in love with you, so what will you do? You can’t leave her hanging.” No, he doesn’t have to do anything. Sophia knows how he feels about Rikka, and she’s in charge of her own feelings >.>
  3. Shichimiya still hurts. And I really liked how Nibutani acted in general this episode as well. Yes, her notions on what Yuuta should do are wrong, but her heart is in the right place. Also, yes, I admit, I really liked her in her casual clothes :>
  4. Awww, so cute. :) When Yuuta embraces Rikka, that is.
  5. Yeah, the chuunibyou fight moments are great, they are like tiny vignettes of the coolest moments of action shows. Then again, that’s also what they are modeled on, so it’s certainly not surprising.
  6. This had been a point since Shichimiya had been introduced, how she left without saying goodbye previously. Well, she did say goodbye this time. Is this the end of The Hero and The Devil Magical Girl?

Post Episode Thoughts:

Another good episode. Romance, heartache, characters according true to their nature… all good stuff. And yet, even though I’ve enjoyed it, it felt we’ve returned to the first season. It felt as if the situation between Rikka and Yuuta, the “let us prove we’re a couple” could’ve easily copy-pasted that part of the episode into that season.

Yes, life doesn’t always progress, and things are made of cycles, but some progress would’ve been nice. In other words, still an enjoyable episode, with good moments between Rikka and Yuuta, and Shichimiya had some good moments, and Nibutani had as well, but it still felt as if this episode was sort of hanging. I would have liked it much more had it been episode 7 out of a full season, not 11, heh.

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