Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 10 Notes

March 13th, 2014.

Shichimiya’s Turn to… Cry.

I like this show, but honestly, due to the way the series is constructed, it was hard to recall what happened last episode, originally I thought of the Dekomori and Nibutani love from two episodes ago, but no!, we’re in the plot home stretch! Rikka feared she’s losing her powers, meaning her connection to herself, and Sophia told her she has to choose between being focused on herself and her unmoving present, or on Yuuta and the chance for a joint future, as she did.

Rikka ends up deciding she’ll have both, and that results in Sophia realizing she still loves Yuuta, after all her words of supporting Rikka and Yuuta. Will she do something to come between them? I suspect not, but there’ll be some young-heart pain going on here.

Again, only main thoughts, for the most part.

Thoughts and Notes:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren / Chuu2koi Ren Episode 10 notes anime - Shichimiya Satone

1) “I still have my powers. I must do something before they disappear.” – Love makes your powers go away? Why? Ah, but it makes perfect sense. Chuunibyou is a form of resisting change and being inward focused. Rikka turned to this form of narcissism in order to avoid accepting the changes in her lives, and to keep alive the memory of her father within her. To be in love is to be focused on someone else, and to accept and even hope for change.

2) You tell Shichimiya to imagine things and she truly does. Well, after years of Chuunibyou where all you do is exercise your imagination, I guess it can’t be helped. Especially when she just spent the last few days trying to banish thoughts of Yuuta away.

3) Awww. Yes, KyoAni and the director here are very good at conveying emotions and character via small moments and facial expressions. They’re going all out with Shichimiya when she’s alone, this episode.

4) Man, every time Shichimiya does her laughter it breaks my heart a little ;_; She’s hiding from the world behind that laughter, as if everything’s fine. No, she’s not hiding from the world, because the issues are within her – she’s hiding from herself.

5) Also, here’s an interesting question, can Shichimiya “win”? Her opponent is herself, so even if no matter what happens she could be said to “win”, it’s also true that no matter what happens, she’ll also “lose“.

6) Oh man, oh man. Shichimiya… it’s like being told your partner had been cheating on you and is leaving you, and then ask them to tell you how much they hate you, how much they love their lover, and recount all the times they’ve cheated on you. Yeah, no matter what happens, Shichimiya is going to lose something within her.

“Keep going, it’ll be over soon.” I wonder, I think multiple small to medium exposures would work better than one critical one, especially if you don’t want to curl up in your room for a couple of weeks, at least :<

Shorter Thoughts / Asides:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren / Chuu2koi Ren Episode 10 notes anime - Takanashi Rikka

  1. “If you don’t cut it out, you’re grounded.” – I sort of dislike the power disparity here, simply because how can they be in a romantic relationship when their relationship feels like that of a father and a daughter, of the non-incest variety?
  2. Why is Touka so thoughtful, almost sad over the fact Yuuta has eyes only for Rikka? Is it because she believes that means that without external pressure, or without Yuuta being willing to put his foot down, things won’t progress, or is she just being thoughtful? Hm.
  3. Sleeping Rikka is bliss.
  4. Repeat onto others as is done to you. Go noogies! :3

Is it raining in here? ;_;

Post Episode Thoughts:

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren / Chuu2koi Ren Episode 10 notes anime - Shichimiya Satone crying

Well, another episode I’ve enjoyed. Was Shichimiya properly built up before now? Not really. One might think I’d be as critical of this as I’ve been of the last few episodes of Kyoukai no Kanata, but I’m not going to be.

One of my favourite shows is Shigofumi. One of my favourite anime films is Voices of a Distant Star. I’m a big fan of a show making me understand and care about characters in a short period of time, and this episode had really done a good job of portraying Shichimiya as a tragic heroine.

What’s her tragedy? It’s not being torn between her desire to be with Yuuta and her desire to remain the Devil Magical Girl, because Rikka had already shown her she can be both. It’s being torn between her feelings as being focused on herself, and what is good for the one she cares for, what he wants.

And wait, didn’t we cover this? Being a chuunibyou is about being focused on your self, so she might end up with neither Yuuta nor her chuuni identity, while Rikka will get to have both.

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