Captain Earth Episode 3 Notes

April 21st, 2014.


Conspiracies! Let’s see.


Captain Earth anime episode 3 notes - Yomatsuri Akari is laying it on thick

Daichi giving his uncle the “lost puppy” or “killer whale in captivity” look. He’s lost his freedom for protecting the Earth.

Oooh, so Akari and Daichi are cousins! And Daichi’s aunt is a bigshot as well!

LOL, the overly dramatic performance, the music (which reminds me of Mawaru Penguindrum). Too good.

05:20 – You can only stare with astonishment as Akari lays it so very thick.

07:00 – Oh, now I realize, he’s not really his biological uncle. Just someone who was good friends with his father and who took care of him.

08:58 – A rock descended from heaven with an angel sealed inside. Sounds similar to Hana’s story, doesn’t it?

09:09 – Yup, always wondered, an angel or magical girl, which is a better heroine? :3 Just a cute shot.

18:52 – Hana singing her song was beautiful, as intended.

22:32 – Wait, so they’ve had this contraption for years and it never worked before? How did they obtain it? How did they make it? Seems to be Kiltgang technology. Hm, Kiltgangs and humanity, especially with that person behind Salty Dog, makes you wonder what’s up.

Post Episode:

Here we had set up the “Home”, the home-base, the surrogate family. And then we have the tools in command playing with people’s lives, being petty, while fighting for global objectives.

Next episode’s preview shows that this episode together with next one are going to be one thematic arc. This episode is about setting home, a group of friends, and next week is about how we’ve been housing “the enemy” in our midst. Except I think that’s why he’s here, to use his powers “for us”, then if he leaves, we need to get him back, etc.

Competently made. Still hold it should be marathoned.

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