Captain Earth Episode 2 Notes

April 14th, 2014.

Behold the Conspiracy!

So, Daichi, the master of games, will he kick the enemies’ ass? Last week’s preview seemed to hint otherwise, which is weird.

(Screenshot Album.)


Captain Earth anime episode 2 notes - Yomatsuri Akari -

Opening again with the combination, with a grand chorus? Interesting. This time the focus is on the transformation, without all the people in HQ giving us techno-mamble.

OP – Ok. Nothing more.

Not the time for a serious uncle-nephew talk. This isn’t a game, when you get hit, you lose concentration!

Magical girl? Not like we have any other options!

Weapon in Hebrew is “Kli Zine” which could also be a euphemism for a penis. “Grip the gun, boy!” Also has some resonance to American military training camps in films. And here I thought with all of his video game prowess he’ll win outright. So used to the herobeing a badass the first time, and only then failing.

“Consultation System” was interesting. “Mass intellect”, where they get to help from the surface?

“If you die, sorry.” – “Gasp!” – Yeah, this isn’t a game.

Yeah! The overpower of youth!

LOL, what?! He just takes Teppei and Hana and they run away? LOL. He’s such a child. And the adults do nothing, lol.

Captain Earth anime episode 2 notes - Manatsu Daichi

A gun with a will. A gun that is a life-form. A gun that wants to be fired. Well, it’s like all those mechs who want to be piloted in other mech shows. Also reminds me of cursed swords/guns, who want to be used, to fulfill their role in the world.

And you thought it was just a kiss! They communicated, they communed, passing information.

Yes, as suspected. So the “alien invaders” are actually controlled by someone on Earth. But of course.

Lewd computer. So, this dude speaking to the computer is trying to help the invaders perfect their robots, while also trying to buy time for earth before they arrive… this is like Ikari Gendo and SEELE, eh? He’s playing both sides, and “Humanity will survive.”

Oooh, but he only wants the humanity he desires to survive.

“MacBeth Revolution,” meaning he’ll kill the king and take his place. The computer is also Shakespeare named, “Puck”, a rogue! This also explains “Goodfellow Machine”, since it’s “Puck Goodfellow”, each is one half of the machine-team.

All the adults are jerks or helpless. Daichi is just ignoring them. He did come off as an idiot. But here he is, calling upon his power, which he seemed to know will work. It’s his Livlaster.

ED – A flower’s reproductive organs, and a bead of water. The sexual overtones. Man. Very pretty, forgettable tunes.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Captain Earth anime episode 2 notes - Scheming man

A human playing everything against the middle. Manipulation. And then our “human humans” according to preview are willing to sabotage Earth’s defense for the sake of their pride, or to put others down – we’ll lose the robot and a gun, just to keep control of the brown girl! With sexual overtones. Did Puck account for that?

Man, so much “Don’t trust the adults!” and Daichi being so weird about how he even reacts to reality. So weird. In the end, Daichi did power-up and just beat the enemies, heh.

Next week’s Shakespeare – episode refers to Albione.

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