Captain Earth Episode 1 Notes

April 5th, 2014.

I’m a Sex Symbol!

Bones, a mecha show that is going to be super-pretty, and perhaps avoid how tired Sunrise is recently. Let’s see.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Symbolism and Background:

Captain Earth anime episode 1 notes - Moon crystals

1) We open with a monograph how the truth robbed our childhood away, then a monologue on how earth isn’t as peaceful as we thought, and conclude with a pretty show of crystals impaling the dark side of the moon:< And we’re just 20 seconds in, welp.

2) Rainbow ring boy, water-goddess-bubble girl… And now in 5 seconds we had more “Prophecy! Backstory! Super!” than most shows have in their first 3-4 episodes. Yup, reminds me of Eureka 7 a bit (which is a good thing).

3) “We are the Planetary Gears! We reveal the dream of the world!” – Yeah, a bit heavy-handed. I guess I got a wee bit tired of all these mystical backstories in mecha shows, and destined people, etc.

4) “Hope means believing the future will be better than today, and real hope can only come from choices you make.” – Deep.

5) Mid-episode card, “All will be obvious soon,” heh.

6) And they actually show us what that memory-vision was in the same episode, without dragging us along. Neat!

7) And now we have the schemers, the men behind the screen, manipulating things. Ark versus intercept. Ark wants to abandon Earth, while interceptors want to protect it, I guess.

2) I’m a Sex Symbol:

Captain Earth anime episode 1 notes -

1) “High density libido charge”, as he rams a red-rod into the girl’s rear… wait, what? Just to note, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took the term “libido” from one of the places where it’s mentioned the most often – Freud.

2) Speaking of phallic symbols, aliens have their “Libido rod”, and earthlings have a big rocket, to rip through the heavens.

3) “Earth Engine, Expand!” – No comment.

3) Fighting Spirit:

Captain Earth anime episode 1 notes - Manatsu Daichi is fired up

Prophecy had been given to the babes. Behold the prophetess, an elementary school student!

“What should I do?” – No reply. “What can I do?” – Smile, and an answer. No one can answer should, but they can give you the tools, and let you decide.

And now he’s been given the power, he chose his fate, and the power (and his fighting spirit) is firing up.

4) Miscellaneous:

Captain Earth anime episode 1 notes - Manatsu Daichi

  1. Father was an astronaut. I wonder who the man going with him to the teacher is.
  2. I liked the “gentle song” playing as we saw hacker girl.
  3. Can’t help it, can you? :P Yeah, almost any show will remind you it can be funny by ways of gags now and then.
  4. AEO – Approaching-Earth Object. What’s NEO then? Neutral-Earth Object?
  5. Drop out of school, guys. Being good at video games will allow you to save the world!
  6. Nice mecha.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Captain Earth anime episode 1 notes - Little girl pointing up.

Worst thing about the show thus far – I want to watch episode 2 right now. Yeah, I wish more shows had pulled a double-length premier to get us in ;-)

The symbolism in this show, the mystic techno-babble, all the Capital Letters Special Terms, the sexual and psychological terminology. I’m a bit tired from all of this stuff. Yes, we’ve had NGE, and RahXephon, and Eureka 7, but we can do without. I guess it still keeps the mind more curious and interested than the Sunrise “regular routine”, not that they allow us to have a show without magic and/or psychological influences either ;-)

This show was beautiful. Almost the same crisp nature of Noragami, which was sharper, and also more ethereal. They went for a more stylized and shiny art-style here, and it works. The music was also top-notch.

Solid, solid stuff. Now just show me the story is actually there and not just mambo-jambo.

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One comment on “Captain Earth Episode 1 Notes

  1. Aeternix says:

    I agree with you, the first episode was filled to the brim with technobabble and terms that will have a purpose later on but are basically meaningless right now. I sort of like that in a way as it means that the story has been thought out from beginning to end. I say this as I knock on wood of course, as we all know that some shows that did this in their first episode really didn’t have a plan cough cough Evangelion cough cough.

    Overall, I am immensely pleased that the first episode was slower in pace and didn’t start with a fight scene. Sunrise and most mecha shows are notorious for throwing the audience into a fight scene, expecting that to make us interested instead of the well crafted characters or world. I like to be able to breathe and figure out if the show is good on its own merits and not just animation/fight scenes (though those are extremely important in a mech show too) – I find that the best of the genre, Macross, Rahxephon, Space Battleship Yamoto, ect. allow the show to start slow in pace. So far this anime looks to have immense promise (and the non-cgi visuals hearken back to classic mech) so I’m very interested in what they will do.

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