Buddy Complex Episode 5 Notes

February 4th, 2014.


Buddy Complex Episode 5 notes anime - Purple shark ship

Father, how do you matter? Are you related to Aoba? Is it just because Aoba’s father died? Both? Well, new rule, post episode notes only, unless I have something super meaningful to note during the episode (unlikely).

Ok, I did it! Post episode notes only.

  1. Dio is still a tsundere, he thanks Aoba while not making eye contact and then immediately closes the comm-channel, for much for the coupling requiring being open with the other one… Also, this face could make a wallpaper.
  2. Fiona is made to look like an angel, so to speak, or at least like a good little British-German child.
  3. Aoba’s past was there in his words, “You should talk to the people you care about while you have the chance,” meaning his father’s gone, and well, I guess his mother and sister are gone now as well, so he no longer has a chance to speak with them.
  4. I actually laughed at the hazing routine, especially since Aoba was having none of it and they had to admit to him that it was not actually serious, and then he did go along with it :P
  5. The enemy gunship looking like a shark – the “villains” are given menacing colours and shapes, as always.
  6. You know, they really pulled a new power out of nowhere to get out of this situation, guess the excuse is that it’s experimental technology, but the real reason is to look cool. By the by, while Aoba and Dio were doing their “invincible shield” technique, the music was amazing. Sunrise really know how to hit it out of the park with their music.

Episode? Eh, ok, nothing really special, just like the rest of this show. Just mindless fun. And yeah, the ridiculous Zogillian salute while walking as the episode started :P I mean, we also had Dio’s blaming of himself for not being able to protect others, and then him being forgiven. Heck, it just hit me. Dio is the standard Sunrise mecha protagonist, not Aoba! Then again, Aoba had the reluctance. Well, considering the whole coupling thing, I guess together they make up one standard protagonist ;)

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