Buddy Complex Episode 4 Notes

January 28th, 2014.


Well, this is probably going to be the “gotta find my reason and resolve to fight”, combined with “Gotta convince my allies to trust me” part. Let’s see.

  1. “It’s my fault,” – “No, if you weren’t there we’d have all died anyway.” – The usual guilty hero talk.
  2. “Oh, basketball had been around since the olden days?” – That’s military war-time education for you, she doesn’t even know basketball had been around 70 years ago (our modern time) :s
  3. Two children, basically, belonging to two different worlds, trying to find a home.
  4. Yes, very much the power of the individual. They need this one person. So much for an army being about uniforms, about being replaceable people, about being numbers over a single peon :3 Well, it’s an anime, and we need our heroes.
  5. So, he picked his reason to fight, and as is often the case, it’s because he’s needed. He may not be needed right this instant, he may not be motivated by rage/grief, but he’s still doing it because he’s the one others rely on.
  6. Allies and friends are nice, but so is keeping your secrets. So if Aoba wouldn’t have come back, they’d have simply, well, shot him :<
  7. So now we have a Coupling time limit of 300 seconds, meaning 5 minutes. I keep thinking this show is similar to NGE in some ways – the scene with him asking about having to pilot it again last week, sharing one’s mind… just a general atmosphere. And what would NGE be without the 5 minute power limit? :P
  8. The “666” squad? Please, can we tone down the references to things just for the sake of it? :P
  9. Interesting. We haven’t seen Dio’s face in a while. We keep seeing Aoba’s, but Dio keeps looking down, avoiding contact, being “closed”. I wonder if the coupling will work, with him closing himself so. Or perhaps it’d work and Aoba will sense rage.
  10. Ok, this was ridiculous, the enemy valiancer used hand gestures to denote his plans. What do you have communication systems for? And even checking hand signals visually in these conditions is ridiculous… Yeah, so someone might listen, eh, I’ll just put it out of mind.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Well, so we’ve solved the situation of whether Aoba-kun will survive, and what he will fight for, and not only that, we had our two young heroes bond on the battlefield. But what if he doesn’t really trust him? Well, it wouldn’t have worked!

This show is really going along the charted path, and taking some shortcuts on actual characterization. So with Aoba’s situation “resolved”, now we learn Dio has his own issues as well.

This show is ok, but nothing special. That’s sort of why we even watch it, I guess.

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