Buddy Complex Episode 2 Notes

January 13th, 2014.

Sunrise Being Sunrise :)

Well, I actually managed to watch it without taking notes, go me, go me!

Small points (with images!):

Slightly more organized:

  1. One of the downside to the Sunrise style is that the guys from all their shows are somewhat similar, we have two empires, the “good guys” on our side this time look like Dorssians, colours wise, but the evil side which this time wears the black has the funky salute and the “Death to our enemies” line, and the Russian overtones, and even a “Mikhail”, at least they’re not all pretty this show, nope, not at all, heh.
  2. A downside to the Sunrise style where we get to see both sides, especially when we know no one, in the midst of a chaotic fight is, that it’s harder to keep track of what is going on. The upside, especially in the case of this show, is that who’s “good” and who’s “bad” is very much in the air, there’s no clear-cut answer. Is Dio “good”? Maybe. Is the guy trying to kill our MC “bad”? Maybe not, we don’t know what our MC had done yet. All of them are equally important to the show, especially since we already know that Hina will switch sides.
  3. Which brings me to – Evil Hina! Well, we knew from the get-go that she used to be an ally of the one who tried to kill MC-kun in the present day (so weird for me to think of 2014 as “The present”, you guys!). This is obviously going to be what they focus much attention on, the Hina sub-plot, and they’ll probably try to fool us at least a time or two.

Well, this show is solid but nothing special, just as expected, thus far. BUT, the action was sweet, the CGI was sweet, and the actors are all more than solid. I’m liking this :)

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