Buddy Complex Episode 1 Notes

January 11th, 2014.

Nothing Innovative, but Well-Made

Well, time to get through this.

First Impressions:

1) The Calm:

Buddy Complex anime episode 1

  1. Breakfast talk, the news in the background talk of a revolutionary and ultra-powerful potential energy source. I bet that’ll be significant pretty soon.
  2. Well, father risked his life and died for others, I wonder what they’re trying to tell us here. But of course, a dead or missing parent is required for The Hero’s Journey. A nice relationship with his mother and sister is more than most have, then again, his sister said his full name, so maybe step/adopted? And they could always die early to fuel him :P
  3. That look, see he’s looking at her and flinch into looking away, talk about obvious.
  4. Ok, she is cute, this sequence is cute – Sunrise definitely know how to make nice-looking things.
  5. Aww, so he sacrificed his comfort for the sake of his friend, no wonder the girl is falling even more in love with him here. Of course, while she’s watching him, she’s also seemingly running some serious data-mining/calculations. Focus, woman.
    “Isn’t he a great guy?” – What a smooth wingman!

2) The Time-Storm:

Buddy Complex anime episode 1

  1. Time-travel into mad laughter, into going after our protagonist, oh boy, heh.
  2. This dude keeps missing, and sure is surprised by how he keeps missing, I bet we’ll get an explanation for this at some point.
  3. “I’m coming for you!” – is what this whole shot seems to shout.
  4. “My job here is done, you can now return to your life and forget this story about people from the future.” – I don’t think you quite understand how these things work, girl.

3) A Brave New World of Old Tropes:

  1. Huh, she just dissipates, no one for him to blame. I think what she said about fate, and how they know him, and what he looks like – this is the time-travel paradox – they went back for him, but only by going back did he ever get to the future for them to go back for – maybe the first time they went back he managed to get there on his own. Time-travel shenanigans!
  2. Heh, and he appears right within a machine, and he’s “synchronized”, not with the machine, but another pilot.


p>OP – Good looking, vibrant, sharp. Very much like Sunrise.

ED – From the OP and ED, I get the feeling we’ll meet Hina and the other time-traveler here, and this is why Hina dissipated – she can’t exist twice, and her other, original self already exists here. ED is calm, and nicely drawn, but yeah, calm and not extraordinary.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Was it anything special? No. Nothing here is really extraordinary, aside from the art, and CGI that actually looks good – but I find it interesting, and it’s well-made and well-executed. A lot of the friendship-rivalry is already telegraphed, but I don’t care – novelty is rare, you hunt the well-made stuff, and this definitely fits the bill.

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