Boku dake ga Inai Machi / ERASED Episode 2 Notes

January 14th, 2016.

Calling the Shots

Boku dake ga Inai Machi / ERASED anime Episode 2 Notes - Fujinuma Satorou and Hinazuki Kayo

This episode was really good, as well, and I really liked the ED (the OP’s art and animation are also good, but while I liked the music, not as much as the ED’s). Anyway, the show really makes a point of its shot composition, of howmovie-like it is, from actually having a moviereel effect playing whenever Satoru is reviewing his memories, to the super-wide resolution, to all the really well-done shots, in terms of composition, or angle, or just capturing a lovely moment. There were so many of these moments that rather than capture any, I’ll just tell you to watch the show (buthere is handful even so, though teacher’s entrance from Satoru’s perspective was more of a “moving scene” moment).

I also liked something that tangentially references the issue of “masks”, which is the mask we hide our daily lives from. We move unseeing what we perceive as normal, and it takes an outsider to point out to us what we have. An outsider, such as time and the aid of a home-made video from our childhood, “Was this really us? Huh,” and here is Satoru, viewing a live repeat performance of the life he left behind. And he’s able to appreciate it, even as he couldn’t show warmth to his mother when she invaded his life last episode. Her death surely played a part in it, but still.

So, this show looks great, but does it actually work beyond that? This episode was definitely slower than last one, but that’s ok. Last week had given us the hook, and now Satoru has to get acclimated to life on mars. He’s a stranger in his own old life, but even so he moves things forward, slowly, as the clock tick-tocks inexorably to Kayo’s death, and his mother’s.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi / ERASED anime Episode 2 Notes - Fujinuma Satorou remembering dinner with his mother

The above is a theme the show already addressed, how he’s a stranger in his own life, how he’s putting on the mask of “young Satoru,” but then again, he always have. But here’s the thing. We all always perform a role, we always wear masks. Just notice how we act differently based on who we’re engaging with. It’s not as much a case of “wear the mask long enough and it’ll become you,” but it already is you. This is something I talk about often (and did during my OreGairu write-ups as well) – you’re not being “fake”, you’re being “you”, who is happening to think X while projecting Y. Mask-wearing you is you, but so is the mask you choose to display. They’re all the same person.

We all wear masks, and we all slip things out now and then. And sometimes the mask is so ingrained, so “us”, that what we “let out” is what the mask, for the occasion, demands.

Anyway, it was another good episode, expertly handled by the director, and while a bit slow, I liked it even so. Poor Aoi Yuuki, constantly getting called a brat these days ;-)

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