Black Bullet Episode 8 Notes

May 27th, 2014.

Loli-service is the Spirit of Japanimation

Yay! Our “semi-Harem” got another girl! More seriously, we now have Rentaro working with two Cursed Children, one of whom is very strong, and had just betrayed her previous master, who is one of the big 4 scientists, and Seitenshi-sama still lives. Gotta be fun times.

(About half the screenshots I took weren’t inserted into the post so here is the screenshot album.)


1) A Surprise Attack!:

Black Bullet Episode 8 anime notes - Serious Tendo Kisara and Satomi Rentaro

1) A class 5 Gastrea appearing out of nowhere? Don’t they track where all of those beasts are, and they’re hardly small enough to be slinking about…

2) An outside school! It actually makes sense, while Rentaro would like all the Cursed Children to mingle with the rest of humanity, as long as he gives them a “normal experience”, that’s what matters.

3) Enju a cutie, that gives Rentaro a hard time, heh.

4) Ah, ok, it’s only stage 4, whew… Wait a moment, that thing is a Monolith-killer!

5) They can complete Monolith-building in 9 days?! Also, a Monolith is supposed to ward off Gastrea, so how did they come so close to it as to destroy it?

At least Rentaro is wondering the same thing.

2) Loli-Service – The Spirit of Japanimation:

Black Bullet Episode 8 anime notes - Tina Sprout giving off the wrong vibe

1) Squeeeee! The two girls in magical girl outfits? So cute! :3

2) “I saw the soul of japanimation” – That fanservice.

3) “May I call you “Onii-san”?” – How I long for days when such statements weren’t seen as sexual fanservice.

4) Interesting, “You killed me once, so my life is yours” – rather than phrasing it as if he had given her a new life, heh. Same message, but different connotations.

5) Loli-service :3 And no, as everyone who slept with someone else knows, “Let me use your arm as a pillow” is a form of torture.

6) This face… I’m reminded of when Miley Cyrus had her infamous vanity-fair shoot, which some people described as “post-coital.”

Cue shocked faces and outrage, light-mood mode is on! That’s how this show goes, light before dark.

7) “A date with Onii-san” Yeah, Tina Sprout had been gobbled by “The Spirit of Japanimation”, surely.

8) Excited Tina, sure is different seeing her so animated. Well, we found out part of her “Dead fish” routine was simply due to being too tired during the day.

3) The Dark World Catches Up:

Black Bullet Episode 8 anime notes - Serious Satomi Rentaro

1) “Don’t forgive the Gastrea! Throw out the Cursed Children!” – Since the Gastrea aren’t here, they fight against their remnants, against the entity within them that reminds them that they had been defeated, and defiled. It’s like blaming the children of rape victims / children of voluntary couplings with occupying forces (happened post War World 2)? Well, at least they’re presented as being in the wrong. One could also tie it to countries making concessions to other powers, if one chooses.

2) Well, this dude also knows of the Aldebaran, guess some of them are “known”, rather than being “Factory-made” copies, just like you have mooks and bosses, you have mid-bosses, or ones who get to be boss-fights due to something other than sheer physical prowess.

3) “A promotion in rank” – Rank is semi-arbitrary, it’s not just a measurement of power, but also a reward for obeying orders and shit? Well, let’s say it is, what does a higher rank give you, aside from consideration?

Post Episode Thoughts:

Black Bullet Episode 8 anime notes - Magical girl cosplay Tina Sprout and Aihara Enju

Yeah, that dude certainly didn’t pull his punches, and neither did Rentaro. Those crazy people.

So, Rentaro walking around town was to show him what he’s fighting for – a bunch of people living as if there’s nothing wrong with the world, drinking and making merry, right on the eve of collapse, as if this were ancient Rome. But then when you see the anti-Gastra demonstrations, you realize that they are numbing their senses. They’re making merry not because they are unaware of the looming danger, but because they can’t stop thinking of it otherwise.

Rentaro fights not just for the ordinary humans, but for all the Cursed Children that live, and the future ones he prevents, for they too will be killed. You can’t excise the portions of humanity you dislike, it’s all or nothing.

The plot-structure of this show is a bit repetitive though, in the sense that we get light moments, not just to “prepare” for the serious business, or before it appears, but to keep reminding us what it is we fight for, and then we go serious-mode, completed with some people sacrificing themselves or their feelings.

Also, this show, while it does adorable “moe slice of life”, is pretty bad with comedy, though I did laugh a number of times this episode. The girl pouring lead into her eyes was something else though. At least we didn’t have to see it, or see someone seeing it as it’s happening…

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