Black Bullet Episode 5 Notes

May 6th, 2014.

This Rotten World of Ours:

New arc! Our friends are our enemies, and our enemies are like us. Humanity sucks, but we still want to be a part of it. Those are the takeaways from the last arc, so let’s see what the new one is like.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Colours and Happiness:

Black Bullet Episode 5 anime notes - Aihara Enju can read your mind

1) Kisara looked pretty cool, with the sword training. Declaring the style’s name though is still all sorts of funny.

2) Bratty Enju is bratty.

3) For all her talk of marrying Rentaro, Enju sure is flustered at the notion he saw her panties.

“You know you liked it.” :3

2) The Shades of Black of Politics:

Black Bullet Episode 5 anime notes - Tina Sprout never saw superheroes before

1) Black and white. Even as Rentaro is the eponymous Black Bullet, and Kisara is also dark, and Enju is colourful and vibrant, Seitenshi is the white of purity, even as she holds secret knowledge and lies.

2) Makes you wonder. They live in safe zones, traveling between them isn’t safe. How and why would they go outside and between them? I wonder if communication is kept via satellites.

3) So, from an insane and theatrical villain, backed by ideological and emotional hatred, we’ve been downgraded to a garden variety ego-driven villains? Well, I suspect he’s less of a villain and more of a pest.

4) Another girl this world had driven emotions, warmth, and humanity away from. “I’ve never seen a superhero before…” – Feeds into that “Rentaro, you’re an ally of justice (superhero), why didn’t you save her?!” from two episodes ago. The drive, or perhaps the requirement, to help others. So… absent in this world, that you must be a hero to aid others.

5) Dum dum duuuuum! The weird girl is an assassin sent to kill the person Rentaro is to guard!

6) Little girl, big gun, one very dead police officer. Makes you wonder why she also wrecked the police car. Also, with a name like “Sprout”, I thought she’d be a “Dolphin” class as well, without superhuman strength, thus the big gun and the wheels to carry it, but to wreck the police car like this, she certainly is stronger than most kids her age. Well, turns out he didn’t die.

3) A Comic Relief Scene:

Black Bullet Episode 5 anime notes - Shiba Miori mocks Tendo Kisara's boobs

1) Good question, little inquisitive Enju-chan. We literally have girls falling into our protagonist’s lap, what is this, a harem? :P

2) Ok, Kisara’s big boobs, with her ridiculous outfit, they’re actually referring to it. Well, that’s what I expect from anime these days.

3) Gung-ho Enju! It’s also an interesting directorial choice, first showing us Enju’s face, and only Enju and Satomi as they speak, then moving to focusing on Miori’s face. Almost feels as if there’s an actual camera at work here.

4) Free weapons and ammunitions, because they’re promoting the manufacturing company? Yeah, using this company’s bullets instead of that one, everyone can see! I’m surprised they don’t wear logos on their clothes :P

5) Enju and Rentaro being so matter of fact about their home getting destroyed. I was amused, but this is so“this is so anime!” LOL

6) “Rentaro, I choose you!”

4) This World We Live In:

Black Bullet Episode 5 anime notes - Seitenshi looks classy

1) Weird. Now I really wonder at the state of the world. Supposedly they live in City-States, protected by the pillars, yet aside from city relations, there are also relationships with other countries, such as Russia and China, and they still have the technology to somehow transfer the Railgun Module to the moon, and then the political situation to use it on other countries? I really would like a 2-3 page exploration of the state of the world. Then again, he could be making plans for the post-Gastrea stage, which this plan would’ve also brought about.

2) Seitenshi Ojou-sama, looking quite lovely. But yes, she is steeling her heart, trying to get up to par with the other rulers, whom Rentaro despises. She will, even if it’s with a heavy heart, turn Rentaro into a tool, and use him, for the sake of Tokyo, and humanity. But still, that means he can’t remain human. Looking, like a carved piece of ice, our ruler.

3) “I must embody peace, not with words, but with actions.” I wonder how she hopes to do so, especially the part about connecting the Japanese areas together, when their current leaders would resort to violence were she to try.

4) Lolis with guns, the anime ;-) I like the action music we had again when the episode was coming to an end.

“Tragic Irony” is a good episode name for next week.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Black Bullet Episode 5 anime notes - The bodyguard wants Satomi Rentarou to die

Well, they got us off to a good start, straight to action. Even the “exposition” was throwing us straight into the action, into a volatile political situation, giving us characters’ motivations, and setting them in opposition to others.

Solid action. I am not a fan of all those “cold girls”, yes, it makes sense for them to be like that, but it hurts them as characters, as people for us to be interested in on the screen.

The whole Kisara and Moira scene in Rentaro and Enju’s apartment, while amusing, detracted from the show’s serious mood, and was just too anime-tropey, meh.

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