Black Bullet Episode 4 Notes

April 29th, 2014.

Taking the Gloves Off

Into the forest, to fight humans and monsters, to shed our humanity and cling to it.


1) Boiling Action:

Black Bullet Episode 4 anime notes - Hiruko Kagetane as jesus

The moon as his halo, a theatrical villain.

  1. Our villains! Talk about “dramatic entrance”.
  2. Atomic Fire Punch! Yeah, we’re going for a fun action show (and makes one think of Index’s Touma). I’m fully on-board with this :)
  3. “Another of the human weapons used to fight the Gastrea”. Ah, yes, “Human Weapon.” This is the whole show in two words. Humans, or weapons? Can they be both?
  4. Cackling villain is cackling. Also notice, “Hellelujah” with the moon as his halo, he truly thinks of himself as a saint.

    “Cry, Sodomy! Sing, Gospel!” That’s how he names his guns. Yeah, he sees himself as the bringer of the end days.

  5. Hmmm, Kagetane had been made into a tool. Without war, what had been done to him is meaningless, he is meaningless. He is a sword, so he will create a war where he will be needed. It’s someone at a workplace sabotaging the place so he could save it. A firefighter starting fires.
  6. Great music, during the fight. Took me a while to notice the chanting, I was so engrossed, and the chanting had a part to play in it as well. Have a random image of Enju crying.
  7. So much for winning, a Gastrea cthulhu-slug appeared anyway! Well, it’s not really about themes, though the message is victory is meaningless, it’s just basic storytelling – go for the most interesting option. They could’ve simply had Rentaro lose, but they wanted him to lose and the Stage 5 to appear.
  8. A super-punch fitting Index, a fripSide OP, and now a railgun. Rentaro has Varanium body-parts. They’re going to shoot himHe is the Black Bullet. Talk about being a weapon instead of a person.

    Well, “only” his arm, heh.

2) What We Fight For:

Black Bullet Episode 4 anime notes - Satomi Rentaro says goodbye

  1. Enju believes in you, Rentaro. Aw, stop it! Too cute! I’m feeling the fuzzies. I guess this bit is necessary, because unlike a fight, this feels.. non-visceral, they’re basically concentrating really hard on pulling a trigger, so they need to infuse this shot with their hopes for a normal life.
  2. “Please let me die as a human.” – She lived and died as a tool, though she supposedly chose to die for others, to keep them safe. So she wants her final moment to be her choice, and not as a monster, and not as a tool. Of course, she had no choice in how she got to this moment, is this final “choice” even one?
  3. “You are my irreplaceable friend.” – Bang! – A very nice shot. I thought during this whole sequence how Senju’s lack of choice and being led by her destiny make it a tragedy. Yup, feels like a tragedy.
  4. Enju is so cute :)
  5. Interesting, does Rentaro know Enju’s corrosion rate and lied to her, or had he been lied to? Pretty sure he’s the one keeping Enju in the dark here.

Post Episode:

Black Bullet Episode 4 anime notes - Aihara Enju and Satomi Rentaro

No ED, so many songs during the episode. Yeah, this is the first arc’s conclusion. It’s neat when they pull “End of series” mood and mode for these. Seitenshi-sama is probably related to the tricycle, and also the Gastrea. His old benefactor makes no sense – he hates the Gastrea for killing people, so will not grant rights to the Cursed Children, and to accomplish that goal will get the Gastrea to kill more people.

I had a lot of fun with this. The action is solid. Farcical and theatrical enemies are gone, but judging from next episode’s preview they seem they’ll return. But the hand behind the shadows is known, is familiar, and is serious. Solid stuff.

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