Black Bullet Episode 3 Notes

April 22nd, 2014.

Humanity Can Be Lost.

Last episode was focused and great. Let’s see how this one goes. (If it’s easier, you can see the screenshot album here.)

Section 2 is the real meat.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Relationships:

Black Bullet Episode 3 anime notes - Aihara Enju 1) That’s adorable. Going to school. Running away from her problems, but then wishing to act as if nothing had actually happened.

2) “I am human!” the ten year old girl exclaimed helplessly.

3) Angry Enju. Is she taking out her anger on the Gastrea who had ruined her life, the children who did not welcome her, or is she acting out a death-wish by acting carelessly?

Seems she just wants to belong.

4) A confession! Along with violin music that is horribly ill-fitting!

5) “Goodbye Enju.” – “Goodbye, Rentaro.” – Just moments after he pledged to never leave her side, now he’sdying, which could be followed by the usual “You promised you’d never leave me!” on his grave, except I don’t think he’ll die. Theatrical villain-kun likes him too much.

6) “Any final words, my dying friend?” – “Go to hell.” – “Goodnight”. I think we’ve reached a fatal level of cool one-liners :)

2) On Humanity:

Black Bullet Episode 3 anime notes - Aihara Enju crying

1) We’re really Shingeki no Kyojin now. Super-Gastrea break down the defenses, then the weaker ones swarm in. And here we also have small ones who somehow exist within the barrier-zone, and convert people from within. Well, we’ve been given a concrete enemy here, a future goal, humanity must survive and then defeat those Stage 5 Gastreas, because the status quo of living within these zones of false security will obviously not cut it. That’s how these stories work.

2) Satomi-san met doctors who gave him a choice, the ruler who knows the person who took him in asks him of a favour and says he knows why him, and he survived what should’ve killed him. Perhaps the reason Kagetane (masked villain) feels kinship to him is because he’s no longer entirely human either?

3) Senju continues to be the third thematic point in the triangle alongside Enju and Kohina. Kohina had thrown away her humanity to become a monster, Enju embraces her humanity, and Senju is the human we can all be. Senju is showing us that humanity is something we can lose little by little, when others see as as tools, and we pick up that belief. She kills others rather than suffer the wrath of her “owner”, and soon, her hands might not even shake as she kills them.

4) “The scariest thing about killing is getting used to it, when you kill someone and realize you won’t be punished.” I wonder how that relates to the cops. They know if someone caught them they’d be punished, but they relied on no one catching them. “That’s when you forget all about punishment.” – Seems to me he is talking about forgetting about morality and humanity. Humanity as a punishment-driven scheme, rather than something welling from within. “Humans are inherently bad”? But if you need to get used to killing others, hm. Guess he says there’s a line where you no longer value others’ lives, and no longer see them as people. The sort of mentality that reduces 10 year old girl to tools.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Black Bullet Episode 3 anime notes - Aihara Enju sulks and pouts

  1. Dunno what it is with shows going for a very ill-fitting elevator music piano pieces or whatever during discussions, but it was so out of place during the discussion between Rentarou and the doctor. I guess it’s a gamble, because when it works, it really does. But usually those pieces have energy, and not those lazy elevator music pieces.
  2. If the Gastrea are angels, which are the messengers of god, then their offspring with human women would be “Nephilim”, which had been the reason for The Flood.
  3. Rentaro declaring his style and move before enacting them feels so out of place for this show.
  4. Awww, sleeping Enju is too cute!
  5. I really wonder why this girl is the leader. Kisara leading her agency and Rentarou, they both have ties to the advisor to the leader, and Rentarou is probably not entirely normal, as his chat with the doctor verified. But why is the leader this girl? What’s special about her? Hm.
  6. Yeah, you’ve got to admit Enju running away while carrying Rentaro on her shoulders is more than a bit comical :P
  7. Enju’s smile is as winsome as ever.
  8. Childish and possessive Enju, summoning memories of Unbreakable Machine-Doll.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Black Bullet Episode 3 anime notes - Aihara Enju in combat mode

First, I liked the music during the fights. Second, the music during any other segment was god-awful and so very intrusive.

The pacing is… interesting. It feels as if this is the moment other shows will get to in episode 2, or at episode 9, or at episode 6. It feels sort of weird here. I think the next couple of episodes will be a bit disjointed, but will also be very… schematic. We’ll have fights, and we’ll have accusations between different philosophies, and interspersing them will be revelations about Rentaro’s past, and probably some more memories of his and Enju during earlier fights.

The theme of “What does it mean to be human? Who is the human?” continues to be strong. Human, monster, or tool, and the “old humans” who would slaughter others of their kind with weapons of mass murder (that’s us, the watchers), were they truly any worse than the people who callously kill little girls or use them to kill others?

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