Black Bullet Episode 2 Notes

April 15th, 2014.

Humans Are Monsters. Humanity Sucks.

(Check here for an album with 26 screenshots from this episode. A lot of Enju cuteness.)

Black Bullet Episode 2 anime notes - Aihara Enju and Satomi Rentaro

I didn’t think the first episode was bad, but I didn’t enjoy it – it felt as if there were two shows here fighting for the same space and time – one was GrimDark, gritty, and serious, and one was full of tsundere boob jokes, a loli, and bright colours. Each of them could’ve been an enjoyable show on its own, but they had issues maintaining the same space.

This episode still had a bit of it. The flamboyant and farcical “villain”, leaving someone’s severed head in a present-wrap, father-daughter monster jokes, and the power of magical girls, with before and after that we had a big dose of “dark” – the horror of the severed head, and the girl being mutilated by the police officers.

But this episode was much more focused.

From the very beginning, I realized that Rentarou and Enju going to school is to serve the theme of them trying to integrate with humans, to remind themselves who they are protecting, and why they are fighting, and then we meet Shogen who refers to Initiators as “Tools”, reinforcing that theme immediately afterwards, to then seeing the shopkeepers and the police officers treat them not even as tools, but as vermin, as sub-humans.

Black Bullet Episode 2 anime notes - Satomi Rentarou

Why did the cops try to kill the little girl? You want an answer, Rentarou? They resent being helpless, of needing others to protect them, of needing monsters to defend them.

Enju had been a rabid dog when you first met her, probably as a reaction to being treated as one for her whole life.

Look at this whole theme of humanity. You’re defending humanity, but humanity had always been its worst enemy. Humanity had always been monstrous. Using 10 year old girls, “monstrous”, to protect themselves. Well, you were “gifted” and “cursed” with them as is. But then, creating cyborgs, robbing humans of their humanity.

“What does it mean to be human?” and “Who is the real monster?” That had also been my Shingeki no Kyojin’s piece’s theme, and it seems it’s the same theme here.

Full Notes:

I thought last episode was underwhelming. I liked some of the grimdark stuff, I liked Enju being cute, and I even liked some of the light atmosphere, but it didn’t gel into a cohesive whole. Either you give us grimdark, or you give us farcical villains and tsundere boob jokes. Please pick one and stick to it.


Yeah, I like that OP’s original part, when it’s not Guren no Yumiya (Shingeki no Kyojin’s OP)

A tired high school student who also has to fight monsters. Them going to school is probably an indication of being unwilling to give up on their humanity and human relations, the reason they even fight to begin with.

I’m so good, a minute later, someone refers to the Initiator as “A Tool”, not as a human.

Black Bullet Episode 2 anime notes - Aihara Enju

The top pairs of each Civl Office is here, guess this office only has one pair ;) 120k out of 700k means 17th percentile. That’s pretty good. So, Enju is “So brilliant” meaning it’s Satomi, or the pairing, that pulls them down, heh.

“You can only decline before hearing what the job is!” – Eyeroll

Kisara’s grandfather is Satomi’s adoptive father, so they grew up together, as we thought from last episode.

This OP villain loves to put on a show. How very fitting he calls his power “Gimmick”. “Imaginary” as well, for he controls others’ minds, by controlling their emotional state. The performance enhances his approach.

Oh my, so we have “demi-humans” who share the aliens blood, using monsters in order to fight monsters, but these are things humanity had been “gifted” and “cursed” with, but we also have been creating cyborgs, throwing away our humanity on our own, to fight the enemies.

Black Bullet Episode 2 anime notes - Shot Cursed Child

“Despair, the day of annihilation is nigh.” – Talk about putting on an act, of over the top delivery.

Grimdark, severed head in a gift-box, which is quite macabre, and then Enju gifting Rentarou with a magical girl bracelet. And followed by a boob joke, of course ;-)

Shogen called them tools, now Enju sees her own kind treated as a rabid dog, as vermin, calling out to her. Blood calls to blood.

“Rentaro, you’re a champion of justice, so why didn’t you protect this little girl?” – Fighting monsters to save humanity, but is humanity worth saving? Full of this vermin, such as these cops? And if you uphold “justice”, then how can you permit injustice?

Grimdark. Fighting monsters without, but humanity is always its worst enemy, and not worth saving.

Why do they kill those protecting them? Because just like the SWAT team, they resent being helpless, and being protected by monsters.

Black Bullet Episode 2 anime notes - Scary rabid Aihara Enju

Enju doesn’t care she just tried to kill this person who tried to kill her and Rentarou, she’s proud to announce herself.

“I hate you, Papa”. These girls are such a handful.

Speaking of rabid dogs, seems Enju used to be one, after being treated as one for so long.

21:04 – like a baby, her first smile.

ED Thoughts – Man, I loved the haunting way it started. It was pretty good even as it followed.

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