Assassination Classroom Episode 1 Notes

January 10th, 2015.

So, a wacky comedy, Fukuyama Jun, let’s go.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) Meet the Teacher:

Assassination Classroom anime episode 1 notes - Koro-sensei meets the class

1) Those slurping sounds as something, which we know is the alien teacher, is moving toward class. Even his “gait” fits, with fits and starts, suctioning his way forward.

2) They made Fukuyama Jun employ a nasal voice, losing the rich and lustrous quality it usually displays. Yes, I really like Fukuyama Jun as a voice actor :P

3) Very good job, they actually drew the teacher in a different place per frame, and our eyes make him seem in all places, rather than drawing him in all locations to begin with.

4) “Relying on numbers lacks any semblance of original thought.” – So he’s trying to train them to be individuals. Raising new people, as it’s a school.

5) “No shooting in the classroom unless you’re trying to kill me, you could poke your eyes out.” – So thoughtful. Also, they’re such kids, accusing teacher of cheating, but then, how could he be their teacher?

2) Meet the Class:

Assassination Classroom anime episode 1 notes - Shiota Nagisa reflects on being a killer

1) “We are killers.” Quite a declaration.

2) “Will we only have a crescent moon to look at for the rest of our lives?” – WHAT A TERRIBLE FATE! Pls news anchors talking heads. Pls.

3) Ah ha, it’s not a classroom made up of kid assassins, but a classroom filled with regular kids, forced to become assassins. To assassinate their homeroom teacher.

4) Born and raised on Earth? :O

5) Greedy little kids! Well, I can get that.

6) “Aside from being impromptu killers, we were perfectly normal students.” Hee hee.

7) So, if they’re so looked down upon, why did the school accept them? Unless it’s not really a “prep” school, but a junior high. As it seems to be. They’re looked down upon, and they internalized it, but their teacher believes in them.

3) Teacher-Student Relations:

Assassination Classroom anime episode 1 notes - Koro-sensei tries to encourage the class

1) I find Nagisa’s really bulky pants interesting to look at. Can’t tell if it’s intended, or sloppy.

2) “I’m gonna delete his contact info.” – So, Nagisa, the blue-haired girl is apparently a boy. That’s anime for you.

3) “It’s great being a target, because you know you’re powerful then!”

4) “We’re beneath fear or expectation, beneath recognition, he can’t relate to us.” – The largest of divides, but some think that way about their teachers anyway, time for some Onizuka.

5) Most of the class doesn’t care about earth, or the money, but about their friends.

6) “You can make a difference if you try” combined with “You don’t matter”, indeed, the way to end up with suicide bombers. With martyrs. Also, all about being looked down on.

7) “The agreement said I will not harm you, but I might destroy the whole planet, aside from you.” – Damn, he’s mad.

8) With that memory, sounds like he was created on Earth, probably used to be a normal person, a scientist.

9) “Just us and our targets”, an intimate relationship indeed.

OP – It’s not perfect, the sound isn’t snappy enough, or melodic enough, but I actually liked it quite a bit, all the voices singing, the energy they aimed for, even if they slightly undershot it. Good job.

ED – Chill, relaxed. I like it.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Assassination Classroom anime episode 1 notes - Shiota Nagisa reflects on being unworthy

I was reminded of something I meant to write in my Winter preview and forgot. This show is directed by Kishi Seiji, whose works when he deals with comedy are often quite good, but fall flat on their face otherwise. The recent Danganronpa and Hamatora for instance had content I should’ve liked, but the shows just failed in making me care, and enjoying them. I also don’t care for his attempts at drama.

This isn’t just me talking idly about “preseason considerations” which should apply prior to picking up a show, but revolve around me not being sure what this show is even going for. Is this going to be a comedy? Is it going to rely on gag humors, or on wacky situations? It actually felt, this episode, as if the show from 2014 it’s closest to wouldn’t be a gag comedy such as D-Frag!, but Barakamon. Or if we actually go to the show I’m thinking of, it’d be all the way back to 1999, with Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (which I never really found funny, but liked it quite a bit as a drama).

That wish to be seen as people rather than faceless students? Many students actually wish for it, especially in a setting where students are the faceless product of prep schools, I guess. But it’s something one can see in person, and in media all over the western world. Comedy, and drama, intertwined. But how much space will each be given matters, especially as the director is much more adept with one than the other.

Also, terribly disappointed by how much they limited Fukuyama Jun’s vocal range and acting by forcing him to speak through his nose, as it were.

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