Akuma no Riddle Episode 2 Notes

April 11th, 2014.

“I Will Protect the Psychopath’s Smile!”

Well, of all the “Trashy fun” or “Campy fun” shows I’ve watched the first episode of, this was my favourite. How will it do this week?

Akuma no Riddle Episode 2 / Riddle Story of Devil Episode 2 notes anime - Hashiri Nio shark teeth

1) “When will you realize everything Kaiba-sensei is telling you is a lie?” – And the one asking himself that question is Kaiba. He’s training assassins, they need to be sharp, and be able to tell truth from lies, including from those who hire them.

2) Hm, now that I know the words of the OP, “Obey or rebel, are these the only two choices?” – One hand holds a bloody knife, which is both rebellion against killing her target but accomplishing her training, and a phone, which connects her to people, but also keeps her subservient.

3) Sharp teeth, and tongue girl at night, this is giving me bad Danganronpa flashbacks. Why can’t we at leastlook normal? :<

4) Yeah, note to translators, using your own name is normal in Japanese, you’re allowed to translate it as “I, my, mine” as the need arises.

5) Dramatic drums, as Azuma does work-out!

6) Hm, so Haru killed her whole family. So everyone here is messed up. Azuma thinks of Haru as her angel, but Haru might be the most devilish?

Akuma no Riddle Episode 2 / Riddle Story of Devil Episode 2 notes anime - Ichinose Haru can't die

7) Haru is… a psychopath. “I can’t be killed. I have a destiny I must fulfill.” – Thinking of yourself as having a special destiny, of being different and elevated from everyone else. Thinking you’re “protected” and “chosen”, and how others “died to protect her” when she’s probably the one who killed them, before they could kill her, or infringe on her destiny… Haru is a psychopath.

Yes, I guess she’s supposed to just be putting on a brave front, but that’s what her words amount to.

8) I did like Azuma noting this similarity between her and Haru – being controlled beyond the grave. The wishes of those who died for you, whom you can no longer refuse, shaping your life. But yeah, Azuma killed people, many of them, as a child.

9) A battle royale, an arbitrary game, so we must set up the rules. They will be important. Also because of when they will be broken, and when they will be rescinded or altered, which I’m almost sure will happen.

10) They must deliver a notice to Haru-chan, and then succeed in 48 hours. So no endless attempts. I did wonder at what point Haru will be considered to have graduated.

11) ED with lyrics, the moments she said “Everyone has them”, I knew she’s speaking of scars. Secrets are scars. They build up and are a shell between you and others.

Well, this episode was mostly build-up, we’re here to get the game started, and next things begin in earnest. There’s no real reason for me to enjoy this show as much as I do. It’s unabashedly campy and trashy, but I like it. No, this episode didn’t have much, except the promise of next week.

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