Akuma no Riddle Episode 1 Notes

April 5th, 2014.

Phone(y) Relationships

I got 20 minutes, so let’s give this a whirl. This is a show I planned to only pick up around week 5 if I’ve heard good things. But hey, why do we make plans on what to watch? Just watch whatever!

  1. First useless question, why are all the assassins girls? :P
  2. So yeah, everyone has their own goals, and our “protagonist” doesn’t, so she’ll invest herself in someone else? Mirai Nikki vibe, but it feels more like Deadman Wonderland and Danganronpa, after meeting Dice Headmaster Cackler.
  3. The way they announce their attendance numbers is a bit funny, it’s as if they remind the viewers who they are, as if these are assassin call-names, or codes… wait, hold on…! :P
  4. See, the phone! A phone-strap, a connection to Haru. My thematic-nose is ultra keen!
  5. Yeah, so “quiet girl” goes super insane when the sun goes down. It’s a caricature :3
  6. Ichinose Haru is voiced by Kanemoto Hisako (Gingitsune, Kotoura-san) who is quickly becoming one of the voice actors I like more.
  7. So, Haru has secrets. It was sort of obvious, considering there are 12 girls set out to kill her, and those knife marks, but I guess we’ll find out more.

The OP was trying very hard to be energetic and upbeat, but was a bit grating. I liked the art, and the focus on the cell-phone once again was interesting, and also made me think of Mirai Nikki. But the phone is the connection to other humans.

ED – Fine, I guess.

This series definitely reminds me more of Deadman Wonderland (which I liked) and Danganronpa (which I disliked), than Mirai Nikki (which I really liked). The character designs are ok, some (all?) of the characters are a bit clichéd and caricature-like, but if time permits I’ll give it a couple more episodes.

And yeah, right from the get-go the importance of the phone as the symbol, as the connection to others leaped out at me.

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