Anime Power Ranking Fall 2013 Week 2

October 13th, 2013.

Here are the thoughts and ballot I submitted to the weekly Anime bloggers’ Anime Power Ranking (Fall week 3) – you can see the results and others’ thoughts here.

Gingitsune – This was magical. If you liked the first few episodes of Kotoura-san, then you owe yourself to watch it. The two main characters play well off of one another, we see magical reality, and we see magical reality intruding upon the mundane life of a high school student. This episode could be treated as a (good) 1-episode OVA, even. The preview showed that we’re going to get a bunch more slice of life in the next episode(s), which is fine. For now, I’m seriously hooked.

Log Horizon – I’ve played various online games since 1999. I remember reading the comic USER. In other words, this is exactly the type of show I enjoy. We had good action sequences, we had the players thinking about their humanity, what it means to live in this reality, and reflecting about their goals, about motivation – meaning this show will have definite themes for us to bite into, while also actuallyexploring the rich premise that we have, rather than ignoring it for yet another battle royale. We also had plenty of Akatsuki.

The characters continue to be human, in a good way. A good episode, a solid show, thus far. The pacing is quite slow, but I think we’re still setting up our characters and their situation as relatable, as well as providing exposition to non-MMORPG players. For a 25 episode show, this is fine.

Samurai Flamenco – Ok, I’ve given this my #1 spot, so I guess we need to discuss this, especially as I saw some people pan the art as lazy/bad… This show is drawn in the classic way, and I mean the near classic, think Samurai Champloo, which can trace itself back to Cowboy Bebop, and from there we’re solidly in the early 90s. This show oozes style, and charm. Everything about this show makes me nostalgic, which isn’t enough, right. It’s drawn in a gorgeous way where there’s attention to details. The attention to detail is noticeable elsewhere as well, with the actors all doing a splendid work in their roles, delivering believeable lines and characters, with solid character interaction and chemistry as well.
If I could, I’d have marathoned this show here and now. There’s no single part of the show that is “extraordinary”, but the whole composition is superb, especially as the show doesn’t try to be anything it’s not – neither zany, nor moefied, it knows what it wants to be, and it goes about it with panache.
And my own ballot:
  1. Samurai Flamenco
  2. Kill la Kill
  3. Gingitsune
  4.  Kyousougiga
  5. Log Horizon

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