Gatchaman Crowds Rewatch – Episode 7 Notes

Note, the following are notes from my rewatch, and as such, might contain spoilers for the entirety of the first season! Not fit for reading as you watch the episodes for the first time. Had a lot to say about this episode, thus only one episode this time around.

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Thoughts and Notes:

Link to the original 2013 write-up on episode 7.

Ah yes, the “Why didn’t you delete the information? It hurts when people say bad things about you,” and this is Utsutsu, who is hurt by how she sees herself as seen by others, who lets it define her distance from them. And Hajime’s answer, which is not “you shouldn’t let others affect you,” but saying that she will focus on what she finds fun. As she keeps saying, people won’t stop doing what they don’t find fun – people who dox her do it because it’s fun for them, and deleting the information won’t really fix that. And she won’t think of that because it’s not where her fun is.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 7 - Miya Utsutsu and Ichinose Hajime on fearing what's said about you

Is it a bit simplistic? It is, but this is a place where the show’s trying to give us a moral. Not, “You shouldn’t care because it doesn’t matter,” but “focus on what you enjoy.” And Hajime focuses on the fun she had with Hajime, today, now, rather than fearing the future.

Utsutsu left behind, needing time to digest it. Sometimes being alone is a choice we make, a necessity. Contrast with Rui who is alone but for X in the midst of the crowd, with his battle-armour dress and make-up. No information on him circulates, and see how he enjoys the life it gives him, the connections (I’m being sarcastic).

“Losing initiative,” over the Gatchaman appearing. But they have powers, so they already chose to step in, or they wouldn’t have been picked. And a poster saying a parent should look after their kids, so Rui looks after the Hundred. How very “Vertical”, Rui.

Tyrant Rui. Edicts from on high, and he wonders why he’s not trusted. Because he doesn’t trust. So much for understanding “fun”. “Mandatory fun,” more like it, Friend Computer.

Rui making sure his coup succeeds. The coup against his darker side, the darker side of us all.

Utsutsu so happy with her blue ribbon she hides it from harm, but that means she also can’t enjoy its presence. So, she brings out the red paper, and in attempting to play with it feels she ruined it. Story of her life.

Asking questions is something you need bravery for, because you might get answers you don’t like. From others. From yourself. Such as finding out how The Hundred and he differ. Hajime, remember how many questions she asked, and how Pai-Pai was troubled by them, when they first met? And Berg-Katze kept dropping hints, because he waited for the questions, because he wanted the despair his answers would deliver.

What a splendid shot, the lunatic (seeing he’s hiding the moon) vampire-demon and the armour-clad knight. A fiery demon, a dragon.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 7 - Pai-Pai crying for his God's answers

And God just sits there, mute.

Overalls Hajime, I’m dying!

Right, Hajime in the light, Utsutsu in the shadow, not even opening the door fully. I remember I said something about it during my original notes.

Look at the corridor, this land of dreams Hajime made it, into her home.

Hajime sees into Utsutsu, and into the unformed thoughts and efforts, just as she assumes people have good reasons for their actions. And Utsutsu is trying to reach out, as O.D. wished.

OD looking over Utsutsu, and Pai-Pai looking over OD. He does live there too, after all.

Pai-Pai can admit to others’ strengths, so long as those others are OD, and so long as OD is the one he’s admitting it too.

Pai-Pai and OD have their own worries, but they’re putting on brave front for all of their “children”. OD has to balance between what is fun now, and what brings pain later. But he can’t deny his nature.

The Crowds appearing and forming, beings straight out of dreams and nightmares.

“I must defeat you, after all!” On one hand teamwork versus the single villain, who must be alone, but on the other hand, it’s the hero who defeats overwhelming odds.

Berg-Katze presenting the Note to Rui, going “Bird, Go!”, to help foster the festering mistrust between him and the Gatchamans.

Rui alone. Relying on others, but then forced to face an enemy alone. Very Zombie Horror aesthetic, “You’re making use of this power, riding this monster as long as you can, just like me!” Riding a monster, a tiger, with a striped tail, and now he’s trying to get off, to catastrophic results. His personal space invaded. His soul ravishes as he’d told he’s a monster relying on power, gained from a deal with the devil, as well.

Also “zombie”, because Berg-Katze controls this person like a puppet, and he’s telling Rui he’s the same, that he’s also controlling people like puppets, via the internet, and Galax, and being a tyrant.

“It hurts if you get hit! How does it feel?!” For Rui, who kept himself apart, unhurt.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 7 - Berg Katze taunting Hibiki Joe

Hajime knows it’s a bad Gatchaman. Perhaps Sugane said it transformed or something.

“Wait for orders!” “But people are dying!” Middle-management versus the shounen hero.

“Leave it to me,” Sugane is willing to help, to work together, but Jou still sees himself as the lone hero. And he also wishes to keep Sugane safe.

Ah, teamwork still, ok. But Jou is putting it all on his shoulders.

Sugane happy to see his idol who seemed so lethargic stepping in to deliver an ass-kicking.

Yeah, Jou sure looks like a comforting presence.

And this is important, Berg-Katze mocking Jou, mimicking him. And attacking his ideals and purpose as he attacks his body.

And the silent God. It’s in your tiny hands, Pai-Pai.

Hajime trusts her ally, while Pai-Pai doesn’t. Then again, he’s also holding back information.

A little panda-man saying “Don’t be ridiculous,” this is so amazing.

“So, if we can’t beat it, do we give up?” An important question, asking whether we only put in effort if we’ve got a chance to win, or even if we don’t have such a chance. And Pai-Pai admitting he doesn’t know what to do as pressure mounts.

Hajime with the understanding and leadership, how she understands Pai-Pai, but why she’s demanding of him, and the spirit of humanity over a God. We must decide, even though it’s scary, for a chance at the future.

Jou is a phoenix, even his theme song is called “Firebird,” but that means even as he now comes back to life, that he must die once more before he can rise again.

Mid-card, “Gatcha!” at front by Miyano Mamoru, and “Katze!” at the end, heh.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 7 - Berg Katze taunting Hibiki Joe

Human consciousness made real is a tremendous power, to turn dreams into reality.” And that’s basically a metaphor, that if we realize our wishes and act on them, we’ll turn our dreams into reality.

But for Rui, it’s others for his ideals, not theirs, and 26, Umeda, reminded us of the difference.

Affirmation from the Gatchaman hero to Rui, who can’t hear it, due to his divided soul.

So, not his power, then what of his Hundred? And Gatchaman too received their power from outside, but it’s only where it came from, in the end it’s still their soul. It’s the fear of being given power by others, it’s the fear we’re not pure. It’s the fear over having any connections or obligations to another, which is part and parcel of being human. A social animal. And Rui who is the instigator of socializing hides himself away from others, of course.

Both recriminating themselves over not trusting the other and respecting them for what they do. Over trying to apply their own criteria over them.

Talk of belief. Rui wants to believe in others, because he’s lonely. But it’d also require him to admit his entire struggle is somewhat of a farce. He started it because he didn’t believe those people at top, and because those at bottom, he didn’t believe they’d do much without his nudge. And of course, when he did believe, in principle, he still didn’t believe in action, thus the need to micromanage everything. And Sugane, as a hero, needs others’ belief too.

Right, Sugane was taken away by MESS, which explains his instinct to kill them on sight.

“Men don’t cry,” as opposed to kids. Another mask, one that might be useful for a time, but is problematic when clung to after it outlived its purpose. Jou is Sugane’s source of strength and belief, and to see him defeated shakes him.

Surprised OD looks like Calimero. Astonished at Utsutsu clearly voicing her desires, to help others.

Man, remember how this show kept foreboding OD getting serious?

Pai-Pai with the badass transformation mecha.

Cool Pai-Pai is so cool. It’s so ironic, since he proceeds to run away right after, because this is really about trying to instill confidence into himself.

Berg-Katze invading Jou’s transformation-space. And mentioning his manliness as part of dismantling his self-image and confidence, the sources of his strength. Then again, for how long has Jou not been believing in himself either?

BK talking to Jou’s impostor syndrome, where he only put on a mask for Sugane. Well, and for himself.

“I want to die, really.” Jou’s secret from everyone, and especially himself. Detachment to not care, because he couldn’t allow himself to care, and because he was feeling hurt, and unworthy.

And here we see gung-ho Pai-Pai, who already faced BK. He’s also suffering from impostor syndrome, trying to fire himself up, to no avail.

Jou’s soul is ripped apart.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 7 - Ichinose Hajime commenting to Tachibana Sugane on how bright it is.

Hide and seek, like last episode, and mimicking others. Hajime sees into BK straight away.

And here we have “Show yourself when you want to make an accord, it matters,” and BK won’t.

So, are things really bad? From some perspectives, they are, like with the talk of incompetent politicians, and corruption, etc. But Hajime believes people are doing their best.

Hajime, trying to reach BK, both with her hand and with her questions. Note he equates fun with “yummy,” there’s a hunger, and he’s not full yet.

Hajime’s black and yellow overalls remind me of Araragi Karen’s outfit.

Hajime is sad over someone having WrongBadFun. Over having fun depriving others of fun. Over not making a connection.

Utsutsu reaching out, making skin-contact, lending strength. Her metaphorical strength, the one we all have, but don’t always make use of, the boon we don’t always share.

Hajime, going in a straightforward manner at BK’s riddle. In a way, like Sugane, who needs to see with his own eyes to believe.

Sugane’s first smile directed at Hajime, after seeing her eat sweets.

A new day always shines.

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