Gatchaman Crowds Rewatch – Episodes 4-6 Notes

Note, the following are notes from my rewatch, and as such, might contain spoilers for the entirety of the first season! Not fit for reading as you watch the episodes for the first time.

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Episode 4:

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 4 - Putting our trust in GALAX

Like religious converts.

Link to the original 2013 write-up on episode 4.

Right, saving people in order to convert them, and he does sound like a religious convert, or of a marketing scheme.

“Have faith and wait.” Waiting passively for someone else to act. Then again, their options are limited.

“Galax won’t abandon us!” as if speaking of a god, or a dear friend.

The rescuer showing his GALAX, like a secret handshake, like Freemasons. Like The Dollars – everyone’s a member, but you can’t tell who is. Trusting strangers.

Also, fireman really looks like Jou, heh.

“Everyone will go up in a redblaze!” as we first see Jou in his badass fire-suit.

Information calms people, even before action, but here we are, people who didn’t believe it before, who’ve now been converted.

Indeed, X is sucking up to Rui, who knows it’s not his doing per se, the burden of the “leader” who only issues commands, but here especially, empowering people to do what they wish, they’re the ones who made the request too.

Each person on their own planet, close, but separated.

“Direct order. That will be all! No more discussion!” Pai-Pai trying to lead, right. And Hajime just walks all over him and his orders.

At least they know O.D. is looking out for the best, his words carry weight, cause he doesn’t throw them around non-stop. And he’s rarely serious.

OD as the super-secret badass <3

“It loves getting the inhabitants of the world to destroy one another,” on one hand it means we’re responsible, but on the other, it still puts the original blame outside, on a troll. Perhaps we’re naturally good, so long nothing pushes us? Hmm. But well, symbolically, he’s just the darkness within us all. So it’s still us.

“It’s like you’re here but not really,” a virtual existence, offline. The opposite of how we usually view internet versus offline.

“So even if I’m happy, I soon want to cry, or disappear, or…” Chronic depression. A manifestation of the idea, of how you can’t bring yourself close to people, and how you always feel like an imposter, like a less-than-genuine article when you interact with others. How you hurt them and suck energy out of them.

And of course, wanting to hurt someone, lashing out, at the unfair world and the different others.

A question of perspective, but just, “You’re fine the way you are.”

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 4 - Ichinose Hajime on the difference between amazing and good.

If only more netizens met Ichinose Hajime.

“I’m happy, no matter what!” is also unreasonable, it means one ignores reality, or rather, shows a decision that was made.

“Liar” and “I want to talk to the real Utsutsu-chan someday!” A talk of masks. Yes, both are wearing masks, so at least wear one you’re happier with, even if underneath it’s still hurting. But perhaps the mask hurts even more.

“Having special powers is something to be happy about, but also sad.” Things that make us unique, that separate us from others. Related to “copies”, things that make us just one.

Yes, Berg-Katze gave Rui power, and the power to give others power, relying they’ll eventually use their own power to destroy themselves, and others.

BK created a trojan horse, but now he’s upping the pressure so it’d actually implode, and he’s saying Galax can’t change human nature, though some would say gamification is just banking on what’s there, but perhaps the pyramid of needs, perhaps it only works if things aren’t at bare minimum?

Berg-Katze is also aware that people don’t judge a thing just by its worth, but also by its origin. Also related to “copies versus original”.

And Berg-Katze’s talk of the black hearts of humanity – unlike the talk above of “people are good until pushed by outside forces,” here’s the “People are always bad,” which is why BK says he’s adding fuel, not lighting the fire.

Right, revolution versus evolution.

The operaic music as Rui can’t breathe, reminiscent of a nightmare. Certainly nightmarish and feverish, and a continuation of the nightmare he woke up from.

Trying to save the world from itself, at all costs, that’s how you become a despot, thinking only you can save the world. But who’ll save it from you?

“It’s amazing, but it’s not good.” Indeed. Not everything that’s amazing is good just cause it’s amazing.

“Even if the world would go up in a red blaze, you’d still save people, right?” Another mirroring between BK and Hajime, and some people won’t give up on the world even if others do.

“I guess you couldn’t be a hero today,” alongside Rui’s own words, “It’s not heroes we need to update the world,” but we do need heroes, we need everyone to be heroes, but also BK knowing what Rui really wants. And Rui crying about what he’s been doing right in front of his own signpost.

“Heroes can’t be found anywhere anymore, anyway.” Because the Gatchaman are hiding, so Hajime takes their mask off, reveals them, and gives hope to everyone, and shows herself to be just another person, so everyone can do better. Like Baracchi, it’s not about powers, but willingness to help.

Jou, not running away, that’s his self-image, though we know it’s not entirely true.

And Jou’s soul-bird is burning up.

Episode 5:

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 5 - Ichinose Hajime questioning the system

Link to the original 2013 write-up on episode 5.

Pai-Pai on the roomba, best leader.

“Wouldn’t Pai-Pai just run away when the time comes?” How well she knows him, and saying so in his presence too. Hajime is brutal. But he does end up running away, and then returning.

Very homy, very comfy, but talking of destruction.

Yes, she wants to reveal them, and then does even though they tell her not to. What she does might turn out well and come from a better understanding of things, but she’s a terrible co-worker.

Note, Pai-Pai here says “these are the rules,” supposed leader, but more like middle management, who manages rather than leads. As an “ally of justice,” Sugane also wanted to reveal them.

“We’re not sneaking around! We’re solving problems without worrying the human race!” Just giving it a different name, of course.

“You’re the only one I can trust, X,” an entity he created, which manipulates people. An entity without feelings.

Ah, yes, people are people, even the “best”, The Hundred.

X, closing down dissent, stopping others from grouping, ironic as this is what Galax is all about, and about taking down the current regime. A revolution indeed, coming back to where it started.

I have a name,” right, he’s a mirror of Hajime, he wants to be known, and respected, he wants to use his powers and be seen with them, a mirror for Hajime. Like Berg Katze is.

And yeah, with the maw, it was always clear CROWDS is an element out of horror.

Yes, the tension between “No heroes” and “Everyone’s a hero.” But then, dear 26, you won’t be special anymore, which is what you really want, and why would the politicians and those you wish to crush won’t get the power too? Of course, that’s what ends up happening later on.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 5 - Ninomiya Rui on the lionization of heroes

“The world will never change if revolutionaries just sneak around!” Of course, sneaking around, mirroring the inner Gatchaman discussion, but here too, Gatchaman don’t seek to change the world, but maintain peace.

Right, fun, and keeping at what you find fun, helping people, that’s the reward for Rui. And well, controlling others :P

Ah ha, Rui wants a world where everyone works for the best, not thinking of their own deeds, but even gamification works by giving value to your deeds, to your fun, and because they like themselves who help others.

(December 6th) There’s also the tension inside Rui, I keep pointing out his contradictions, between his words and actions, but he acts in a manner that agrees with our world, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t actually wish to change it, at least by way of ideal. Just like Moses, the child of slavery, who died in the desert rather than given entry into the land of Canaan. He carries the old world within him, as its child.

“I didn’t create GALAX for something as insignificant as becoming a hero!” A sentence that could only appear here.

Rui is like a character out of MacBeth or Richard the 3rd. A lot of dramatic gestures. And dramatic music and overcast skies comes along too.

The tsunami/earthquake issue, a common fear in Japan. Rui is afraid of using BK’s power, knowing his intents are bad, so now he’s being tempted, pushed.

Right, the broken child is Rui, with his two souls, two notes, two powers, two splatches of powers warring ithin his bird. Hajime is white, and clear, and radiant.

Sugane with Jou commenting on his collaged note. The person he looks up to the most, seeing signs of his childishness, heh.

People are still people, husbands, singles, what to teach the kids, etc.

No “Bystander Effect,” because X calls each person out specifically, and also addresses what they could do.

“Everybody’s a hero!” we need the Valvrave song now.

Hmm, that ED, obviously speaking Utsutsu’s lines as it begins, and then Rui’s, but it shows us Hajime and Sugane, so one must think of how it also applies to those two.

Episode 6:

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 6 - Ichinose Hajime talking to Tachibana Sugane on wanting to meet Rui face to face

Link to the original 2013 write-up on episode 6.

Not just save them, but killing herself might be a relief for Utsutsu.

Jou shares the burden, splits it with her.

And yeah, this episode opens so quietly on the music, after how loud and epic last episode ended. Very much of a tension drop during a marathon.

Hajime and Rui, with a gulf between them, and only one taking down their mask.

Hajime revealing herself, the cameras, sure felt like Samurai Flamenco.

Rui’s first impulse is to make use of the Gatchaman, just another tool to employ in his quest, even if it’s for the betterment of the world. Not equals, not allies. Tools.

Right, it’s hard to break the rules for most of us, we’re trained to follow them. Japanese moreso, supposedly.

“Will you not even offer any words to us?” Right, JJ the silent and dumb god.

Hajime knows Pai-Pai is no leader, and is showing it to him, and how hard it is to take responsibility. And the shot makes Pai-Pai so tiny, scurring back and forth.

Just cutting off a piece of her dress, impulsive and silly Hajime, who knows what really matters, doing what you like, making people (others and yourself) happy.

Also, “a present for a good deed,” though it’s a good deed because it wasn’t done for a reward, though the “Thank you” was also a reward, which led to more helping.

I just noticed. Hajime is now wearing a pink skirt, and Utsutsu has multiple blue hair ribbons. RIP blue skirt.

You can’t build a rapport without talking to someone face to face, without masks; also commenting on Rui’s mask and thus inability to reach across to his Hundred, also raises question of internet “masks”, and BK taking on faces.

Yup, the natural need to assume people who disagree are clueless and irrational.

Hajime is a papercraft fanatic :D

And Rui dons on his armour, as a knight, but also as a princess, eh?

“The only reward is honor!” So people will stop expecting outside recognition, but then again, what is honour but outside recognition?

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 6 - Ichinose Hajime telling Nonmiya Rui he's prettier without make-up.

Hajime’s soft rebuke for Rui’s use of masks.

Galaxters looking like ruffians, a sign of things to come. And even if their goal is “noble”, they’re terrorizing innocent people.

“But this is fun, like hide and seek!” Hajime does her own gamification.

“Load Galax”, as in, Lord Galax, with a similar sound?

Interesting, in an episode that makes “masks” and “Subterfuge” such a point, where Hajime speaks against it, that she is obfuscated as she’s smuggled to meet with Rui.

Everyone letting them pass then closing the ranks, so much Durarara!!

Again, games and fun, which is why people get involved. And also Rui’s goal. Where fun is the motivation.

But, why aren’t Gatchaman needed? Rather, you need them to not exist, as symbols, but they’re people with qualities you could use, after all. Just like your Hundred. Yes, in the ideal world there won’t be a Hundred, but they’re no different than having doctors.

But he’s talking of the bystander effect too, of people thinking their help isn’t needed, of feeling insignificant in comparison. So people sit quietly for those with power to protect, but there’s not enough, and they can’t be stretched far enough, even with Galax guiding them. At some point, even the Hundred won’t be sufficient.

And people rely on Galax, even if it’s other people helping.

Right, Hajime asking Rui a question, and him straight out-evading, then we focus on her eyes, and she’s telling him he’s prettier without makeup, without deceit, of hiding his face. See my episodic notes for this episode.

Huh, it just hit me, it’s possible part of “the make-up” Hajime meant was about the Note. Since Amnesia Effect didn’t affect Rui, and he clearly recognized her note. His mask as “Non-Gatchaman,” but Rui doesn’t know he’s a Gatchaman, or pseudo-one, but mostly what I wrote in my episodic notes, of course. And right, Sugane refers to this, but I didn’t realize earlier that she might’ve been referring to it as well.

Right, just like the speeding car, Hajime reads charitably and assumes people have a reason to act the way they do, rather than suspect them of irrationality or malicious intent.

As always, a lonesome Rui.

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2 comments on “Gatchaman Crowds Rewatch – Episodes 4-6 Notes

  1. King Marth says:

    For episode 4 and Berg-Katze’s justification: I’m reminded of the debate later on in Death Parade, over whether it’s right to judge someone for what they turn to in their darkest hour, especially if you give them the tools and situation to make the wrong thing easy. They say you see one’s true nature when they are about to die, but most of the time people aren’t about to die.

    • Guy says:

      My answer? It obviously is right. But… So like much in life, it’s a “Yes, but…” or “Yes, and…” sort of answer. I mean, you judge people based on their actions, it’s not like you can’t judge them based on that, or judge them based on other things.

      You just shouldn’t judge them as if one action sums up the entirety of their being. You can’t ignore it, because it is part of their being. There’s a saying about giving people the rope to hang themselves, but if they make the conscious decision to do so, it’s still their decision. It’s like the candid cameras where they drop $200 to see whether people will give it back or not, you don’t judge people based on how they act there?

      But I won’t say that this is somebody’s “true nature” as opposed to everything else they do, just another piece of the puzzle.

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