Gatchaman Crowds Rewatch – Episodes 1-3 Notes

Note, the following are notes from my rewatch, and as such, might contain spoilers for the entirety of the first season! Not fit for reading as you watch the episodes for the first time.

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Episode 1:

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 1 - Not heroes

The sign in the background.

“It’s not heroes who keep the world up to date, it’s us.” The responsibility of the common man, and that heroes are an outdated concept.

Sugane getting that person up, he’s doing what GALAX does, by his own volition, rather than match people up externally. So, the program replaces responsibility/becomes the hero?

The classmates who never really show up after the milk incident, heh.

Hungry, lying right next to food, too busy for that. Too busy daydreaming.

“Everyone has power that is concealed deep within.” Huh, everyone, once more that part, so why only some become Gatchaman?

Hm, humans are fledglings, but only some become the wings. But still, “everyone”, which is what Galax is about.

Hajime’s maiden heart is getting pierced. And her buckling knees with light in between, something is being born. Sex and giving birth, Zeus and Athene too.

And all Hajime has eyes for is her new planner ;)

And Sugane announces to the world his intentions, a shounen protagonist, a hero.

That person bumping into Sugane, the Gatchaman are unnoticed servants, and people not looking around them as they retreat to the digital.

Sugane’s expression after his first encounter with Hajime is priceless, and an indication of how their relationship is about to proceed.

I was going to pay close attention to the OP, reminding myself OPs often say a lot about a show’s themes, but then I remembered how this show’s OP is gibberish Engrish. Which I guess also says something of the show and its messy production. Hue.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 1 - Tachibana Sugane believes responsibilities can't be fun

“I wonder if I’ll pass my classes okay,” and earlier, “I guess I’ll be late again today.” Still trying to manage daily life with this responsibility. Not much space will be given to school after episode 3 or so.

“Black birdmen, mysterious panda-shaped alien,” heh.

“The responsibilities of the Gatchaman aren’t fun,” as opposed to “people won’t stop doing what’s fun,” which is why Joe stopped, until he was reminded, eh? Must make it fun!

“Obey me at all costs!” Not leading, just commanding, and Hajime just ignores him. “So cute!”

O.D. and Hajime are like Baccano!’s Isaac and Miria.

Using their soul to hide themselves, to cast a barrier keeping others from noticing them. Hm.

“They can’t see you, but they can still sense you if you bump into them,” that’s very metaphoric, poetic even. We don’t notice others until they force us to.

“Salvaged”, the military/chuuni tendency to use terminology, rather than just talk.

Speaking of “salvaging” while standing in LCL, both End of Evangelion and when Shinji was “eaten”.

Hajime is “101”, standing for “newbie”.

MESS are chaos, but may not be a threat, and the threat might come under the guise of order.

HUH, speaking of “People won’t stop when they’re having fun,” first line in the ED – “Even when I’m having fun I’m only growing sadder.”

“It doesn’t mean if no one in this age even remembers what “holding hands” even means.” Utsutsu, and the reliance on digital.

Episode 2:

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 2 - Ichinose Hajime questions why they fight aliens

She’s talking about their alien “enemies”.

Link to the original 2013 write-up on episode 2.

Hajime sure loves her stationery. She and Masayoshi (Samurai Flamenco) should date.

Hajime, not assuming people are crappy, but that they have their own circumstances.

Oooh, note the news speaks of corrupt politicians, can’t let them rule, explains indecision later.

Sugane’s cold aesthetic beauty, whereas Hajime goes for messy colours. Less bland too.

“She commited suicide because she didn’t value her life!” Sugane, again with pronouncement, Hajime with trying to empathize with people.

Do note she killed herself because of rumors.

“You don’t value people’s lives either, that’s why you can’t kill people!” – Yes, Sugane’s the shounen stand-in.

“Are you a fossil, Senpai?” With the fossil in the background.

Sugane can’t think of bothering with non-Gatchamans, of life beyond duty and honour, and doing the right thing.

Right, the disaster in the background that no one really speaks of directly. It’s just there.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 2 - Ichinose Hajime telling Tachibana Sugane he's got blinders on.

Of course Hajime told her mother everything, heh.

And Sugane assumes everyone here is unemployed, not understanding the value of fun and friends, of fun with friends.

The blue bird of Sugane’s soul.

Joe won’t compete if he’s not promised being the best, but that’s not how the world works, obviously.

Right, the basic premise of the superhero is to fight invaders, not ask questions about why :P

Sugane discovering he’s the only one not on GALAX due to his preconceived notions.

“Straight like a blade, stubborn (unwielding) too.” Sugane seen to his core, in 2nd episode. Sugane and his blinders.

“I’m Hajime! I’m here!” basically “Look at me, the real me! Don’t talk to me in your head, or to generalities! Me!”

Hajime makes the leap of faith, comes close to “God”, who’s not far and remote, it’s all a lie. Or she can bridge the gap, that is her role.

Also, walking on water, after in the first episode JJ took her into his stomach, and took the Note out of hers. She is Jesus. And of course, when Berg Katze is crucified later on.

Episode 3:

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 3 - Tachibana Sugane asking Ichinose Hajime why she bothers thinking

Link to the original 2013 write-up on episode 3.

“Can’t you just be happy?” For most of the cast, that’s exactly the problem. “Heroes” have their scars. See Utsutsu, too.

“Doesn’t it seem it’s communicating with Hajime-chan?” And after all, “Hajimemashte” is “nice to meet you.” Turns out it means “First” or “Begins”, “Ichinose” also contains “first”.

Joe speaks of their Gatchaman predecessors, did he have a senpai he looked up to as Sugane does with him?

The bit with the lawyer is very /r/legaladvice. Reddit is basically GALAX, but showing us what happens when trolls are allowed to be there as well, which Gatchaman Crowds deals with in the future. Same as with The Dollars in Durarara!!, this is what happens when you let everyone in.

Rui is very cute, looking like a combination of Alice and The White Rabbit, out of time, out of his depth, constantly transforming, seeking the Queen of Hearts.

“Let’s update the world together!” Is this him hitting on her? Heh.

Rui spreading his legs as he sits, very masculine gesture, or so it’s seen in the west with “Manspreading”.

Right, removing the middle men, letting people interact directly, except GALAX is exactly another middleman, not removing them, but replacing them.

“The more powerful the enemy, the more enjoyable the game, perhaps?” Another explanation for why Berg-Katze targets “heroes”?

GALAX seeing Rui as wanting to replace/remove the prime minister, how “noble”, eh? And yes, he sees it as a game with conditions for victory.

Excellent leaders are not enough. The population, or people like Rui, need to do their part too. So young, and so cynical already. (Also, his ideal flat society)

Why think of things in terms of “enemies” and “opponents”? Hmmm. That shapes how you act, too.

“Shall I handle him for you?” – See, middle man.

“Stingy with power,” “usage permission,” so much for empowering people to use their powers, their abilities.

A juxtaposition to ep 1, Hajime isn’t tuning out the world via her cell, but being even /more/ social.

Charitable reading as a way to make life better, for yourself.

Also, GALAX is worldwide, interesting they pay this much attention to some bad milk, and why doesn’t X handle it on its own? Ah, yes, because it’s at Hajime’s school ;)

By the way, all the high schoolers running off like that, while hilarious, is still realistic. The teacher and so, less so, heh. Then again, Japan, maybe it’s realistic there.

Bypassing the teachers, bypassing authority, just like X’s hacking. The goal justifies the means.

Gatchaman Crowds anime episode 3 - Teachers against the internet

But, we should believe our teachers.

It just hit me that Utsutsu goes to the same school as they do. Isn’t she an alien? Did she start going only after Hajime joined? Hmm. After all, she can send a clone.

“We can’t just take stuff from the internet at face value.” Wikipedia isn’t a legitimate resource, guys. Super realistic.

“X is telling us everything,” so much individual empowerment.

“Heroes should face problems head on!” Which also means more complex issues, the sort Rui talked about earlier, are something heroes can’t deal with, there’s nothing clear-cut to, well, cut.

Even those who believe may not act! Curse this stupid and cowardly human race! Relates to how even good leaders can’t lead spiel earlier.

Yes, our real opponent is the nature of the world, of society! Marxism ahoy!

“They’re the ones who refuse to see people as individuals,” says the one who sees people as subscribers, as counts, and who “joins” people together for his Hundred.

Those who cannot see the joy in helping others if there is no reward or reputation to be gained,” and yet all those helping Rui, how many of them do it for the “reward” of gamification? Is he trying to turn his enemies to his aid, or not realizing his “allies” might be the same?

“Anyone who’s not fun,” but we know Berg Katze is fun, but an enemy. And some people aren’t fun because they try too hard. Like Joe.

And here we have Hajime, echoing the teacher, the free actor who actually thinks and chooses, rather than follow or reject by rote.

And of course, JJ’s reference to Berg Katze make it sound as if he used to be a Gatchaman as well.

Do note, an individual hero, Jou, had to intervene first, before the police, the uniformed non-individuals stepped in.

Rui wearing his dress as his battle dress, as his armour from the world’s horror, as his “face”.

Man, “Play the Game”, episode 3’s finale, so cool.

Not just Rui, Berg-Katze is also androgynous, as is O.D. And all are outside society, and Berg-Katze also has ties to those other two.

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