7 Years! 1,000,000 Page Views! 1,000 Posts! Milestones Ahoy!

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither was this blog. We’ve passed several noteworthy milestones over the past couple of months, so it’s a nice opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the journey this blog and I have gone on over the years, as I highlight them.

First, 1 million page-views was reached late at night on April 29th! It’s taken us a long time to get here, and I thank all of you who’ve read the posts, and took the time to interact with me, and other readers on the blog. I know I haven’t always been the best about responding to comments timely, and have gone on periods of inactivity at times, but thank you for all visitors, past and current. Trolls aside. Nobody likes trolls. Sorry.

Sephyxer fanart for 1 million pageviews geekorner

An accurate depiction of the blog’s owner by Sephyxer.

Speaking of how long it’s taken to get here, the first post on this blog was made on March 3rd, 2009. That’s just over 7 years ago! It was an early screening review of the Watchmen film. It wasn’t a very good film, let me tell you that. Later that month, I covered the beautifully written Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, by Susannah Clarke, which isn’t perfect, but is quite good. As you can see, the blog’s start in particular was much more wide-ranged than otaku interests alone, and later down the road I even covered a geeky bootleg shirt!

Then the blog went inactive for a short while, to return in July 2009 with posts on Tenjou Tenge, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and a review of the Yoko Littner nendoroid (images broken there, sorry). At this point the blog was heavily otaku-centric, with most of the readership and circle being from an intersection of anime fans who were also heavily invested in anime figurines. You can see some of them in the 10k pageviews milestone from November 2009, and sadly, most of them no longer blog, though are still active on Twitter.

Then, after mid-2010, the blog went down for several years, really, until I finally kicked it back into gear 3 years ago, on April 2013, with the first post being about a show I love more than most, which is about how we form emotional attachment to shows and characters, with Sword Art Online. I then went on to talk about how K-On! captures the essence of nostalgia, as a concept, and the blog has been running on and on ever since. So much so that after building a solid foundation for most of 2013, it sort of exploded from December 2013 onward, and so we’ve reached the 1 million page-views landmark! Hopefully the next 1 million page-views will take less than 7 years, and who knows, we might actually still be here in 7 years, updating ye olde blog, or reading said updates?

But yes, if you’re a starting blogger, or a hopeful one, know that this all takes time. We’ve also passed the 1,000 pages/posts during April. While some are only there to point to other pages rather than hold content themselves, it’s still a testament to how much time and effort, and reddit blood and troll tears have gone into this blog. Styles of posts, material covered. All have evolved alongside my tastes and writing skills and tendencies. It’s okay to experiment, and it’s okay to change.

Sir Calvin's fanart for 1 million pageviews

Sir Calvin trying to capture the quintessential “Guy”.

Before going onward for some of the more notable moments of this blog in terms of metrics, I’d like to give a special shout-out to Sir Calvin and Sephyxer for taking the time to create the fan-art you see gracing this post to help commemorate these milestones. Thank you for your time and patience!

So, some “Top 5s”, because everyone likes lists, right?

Top 5 Most Commented Posts:

  1. Mahouka Koukou / Irregular at Magic High School: An Ode to Meritocracy! – 97 comments + 18 removed.
  2. Light-Novels are Poorly Written and Adapting Them Shows That  – 77 comments.
  3. OreGairu Season 2 Episode 13 (Finale) – A Selfish Sacrifice – 49 comments.
  4. So You Want to Watch Anime? Part 1 – 10 Shows to Start You Off  – 40 comments.
  5. 10k Views Milestone. Also, Twitter-tastic.  – 39 comments.

As you can see, polemics get you people discussing things. Light Novel adaptations, especially where people are left wondering what is going on, also get you people discussing, and arguing. I’ve had to actually remove almost 20 comments on the Mahouka post for people being assholes or spamming the comment section. Lists, well, people read lists more to tell you what their lists are like, and I did suggest Neon Genesis Evangelion to newcomers, so I guess it all makes sense.

I’m quite glad people are finding reasons to discuss OreGairu, but just as with the Light Novels post, I do wish people who take the time to comment would at least read the entire post they’re replying to, if not my replies to other people asking the same questions. Out of the blog’s 3,900 comments (exactly!), these 5 posts account for 8.2% of the comments. Or a bit over 1 in 12.5.

P.S. Be wary of checking out the “Ode to Meritocracy” post’s comment section. It’s not a pretty sight.

Top 5 Posts with Most Page-Views:

  1. So You Want to Watch Anime? Part 1 – 10 Shows to Start You Off – 30,761 page-views.
  2. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Books 1-11 and Adaptation Thoughts – 22,112 page-views.
  3. Light-Novels are Poorly Written and Adapting Them Shows That – 21,079 page-views.
  4. OreGairu Season 2 Episode 13 (Finale) – A Selfish Sacrifice – 19,637 page-views.
  5. Guide: How to Not Be an Annoying Source Material Fan – 11,010 page-views.

Again, you’ll note that mostly the same things star as most comments, with polemics and lists ruling the helm, but even more space given to Light Novels where people want to know how they turn out. These 5 posts account for 10.4% of the blog’s total page-views. I would like to stress a point I made in the past, while polemics are an easy way to draw attention, and I am sometimes sad some of my most thoughtful pieces barely get any traction, don’t be an asshole. Don’t antagonize people needlessly. I wish I thought of the alternate name for the “Light Novels are Poorly Written” piece that I did later before I made that post, as it also more accurately reflects my goal with the piece. That title was “The “That’s So Light-Novel Writing Style” and Anime Adaptations,” which would’ve angered fewer Light Novel fans, and believe it or not, I have better things to do than anger strangers online for the sake of page-views.

Before I sign off, I’d like to thank you all once last time, and to beg forgiveness for sometimes disappearing for a week when a new video game hits (or 3 months, as when Diablo 3 overtook my life in late 2014), and not always being on top of blog comments. And well, not always being the nicest person in the comment section and telling people to stop spouting nonsense. I appreciate all of you sticking with me and the blog, and me on Twitter, if you follow me there. This blog had fun times, and had a lot of effort (such as each Figure Friday post that is now gone being 6-10 hours of actual effort, and the most recent Season Previews being roughly 10-20 hours’ worth of work), and some bad times, such as when Flickr removed all my images (many are still missing). But hey, it’s been 7 years, 1 million page-views, and 1,000 posts later, and the blog is still around! I’d call that a success, and something worthwhile. Heck, it’s many worthwhile things, from ideas explored, to people met, and discussions had.

I’ll stop now before I end up with another overlong post. Here’s to 7 years more!

10 comments on “7 Years! 1,000,000 Page Views! 1,000 Posts! Milestones Ahoy!

  1. Sephyxer says:

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone!
    7 years really is a long time -a true mark of dedication-, and having 1,000,000 page views on your blog just proves how they were well spent!

    I’ll also try doing more stuff! I know you also struggle with procrastination -who doesn’t-, so I really admire how much effort you put in writing posts for your blog.

    So, here’s to another milestone, you deserve it!

    • Guy says:

      The best way to beat procrastination is to just do things. Sadly, the best way to defeat doing things is to procrastinate, heh :D

      And well, about a third of this time was actually spent with the blog on various hiatuses, but yeah, that I kept coming back to it and that I did mostly keep it up for the past 4 years is something I’m proud of. There were times it was really hard to update, due to various issues, but I’m glad I stuck with it :)

  2. Sejin says:

    Congratulations on the milestones! I know I have a pretty sporadic track record of reading and/or commenting on your posts (though I do check your blog regularly to see what you’ve written), but when I do I never feel like I’ve wasted my time. I hope you continue writing quality posts for a long time to come! :)

    • Guy says:

      Thank you! And I do indeed hope that whenever you come around, there’ll be enough new worthwhile content to sate your curiosity. Can’t ask for more than writing worthwhile content, especially as I often fear I write overlong.

      Though the two are indeed, not mutually exclusive :)

      • Sejin says:

        Well, my lack of consistency in reading and commenting on your posts mainly has to do with the fact that they’re usually about currently airing shows that I haven’t seen (rather than feeling like they’re not worth my time), and I generally don’t actively read about things I haven’t seen. The reason is that, at this point in time, since I’m trying to get better at watching things critically, I like to watch something “blind” the first time, really try to get as much as I can out of it and formulate my own thoughts based on that, and then seek out others’ thoughts. There have also been a few of your posts that, at the time I came across them, I wasn’t really in the frame of mind to be able to really process much of anything, so I bookmarked them to come back to later on.

        I know what you mean about worrying if you’re writing too much in terms of length. Personally, I’ve generally always held the view that the most important thing is to be able to convey well whatever it is you’re trying to convey, and length is secondary (or tertiary, or quaternary…you get what I mean). It doesn’t matter if it’s 10,000 words. It doesn’t matter if it’s two sentences. However, since I’ve started writing blog-type things myself, even with that view, I want people to read what I write, because I think (I hope!) that I’m writing things that are interesting to more people than just myself, and would really like people to engage me regarding what I write, and also regarding whatever thoughts my writing might have sparked in their own minds, and I realize that a lot of people get really turned off by longer posts.

        • Guy says:

          Yup, sometimes a post is 3.5k words long, and I sigh as I hit the publish button. It’s certainly less of a time commitment to read something that is 1,000 words long. I mean, I understand, I sometimes put off longer posts too, and then forget to return to them.

          Also, I’m the same. It’s less that I don’t want to be “affected” (though that plays some part), but that the posts I write and find most valuable, you only really get everything out of if you have watched the material as well, so I hold off as well. And also, sometimes people do end up writing the same thing I did, and I’m alright with it when I find it after I wrote my post, but if I see it before writing my own, I might end up not writing it, heh.

  3. CoffeeHipster says:

    Congrats! I’ve only recently started reading your posts, but heck you deserve it! I look forward to more great content!


  4. Artemis says:

    What a great achievement! Congrats!

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