Kiznaiver Episode 1 – Show and Tell

First Impressions:


I have more than one screenshot folder open when I watch a show. The first has all the screenshots I take of the show, where anything interesting, background, line, etc. might appear. These folders are massive. The second is where I collect the most useful “reaction faces” and such. Some shows, some episodes yield 0 results for it, while others yield ~10. Then I have a folder where the most important and/or beautiful moments of a show are collected, moments that would be useful when writing a post, to encapsulate the episode, or to drive home a point about it. Most episodes get roughly 4-10 screenshots in this folder. Rare shows that have a lot to say or are very beautiful get about 20. This episode of Kiznaiver had 69 bloody images. Here is the album of these screenshots, in case you’re interested.

Kiznaiver anime episode 1 - Visuals, child Agata Katsuhira runningKiznaiver anime episode 1 - Visuals, unknown girl
Kiznaiver anime episode 1 - Visuals, falling Agata KatsuhiraKiznaiver anime episode 1 - Visuals, blue bridge

Before I move on to point out similarities, I want to make it clear that this show is gorgeous. Just keep in mind I’m actually positive on the show’s presentation as you read the following segments.

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