Dimension W Episode 5 – Jumbled Mysteries and The Past’s Revenge

Last episode of Dimension W wasn’t very good. I wrote some words about it here. The biggest problem beyond last week’s apparent lack of energy and care by the creators was how little sense the mystery made, who were the other collectors, what was going on, why, etc. But while this episode had some thematic depth which I’d get to in a moment, it utterly failed as a mystery, because it was built on such shaky and uncertain footing.

Dimension W anime Episode 5 - Mabuchi Kyouma and Yurizaki Mira philosophize

Isn’t this or the inverse almost always true?

“Who? What? Why?” We got some of it this episode, but other revelations such as Marisa being Enamori sort of came out of nowhere, the opposition collectors came and went with nary a whoosh. Sure, later they explained some things, such as how the author was the person who got it all starting, but it was more like an infodump at the end, rather than a mystery. A proper mystery requires you to have enough information to follow what is going on, even if you don’t have the answers. This would be as if we were watching Inception, or Vanilla Sky, but they just removed half of the opening act, and most of the mid-section. So it fell flat.

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