Concrete Revolutio Episode 6 – Choice and Dignity

I think before discussing the theme of the episode I’ll discuss a couple of timeline considerations, then the themes, then what I thought of the episode as a whole.

Timeline wise, this episode had given us the first time that Jiro is set against the Bureu, at year 44 (1969). This is also 4 years before episode 2 where Jiro saved Fuurota from the bug queen, and in this episode he wanted to say he’s not a child anymore, that he grew up – does he still see things as more black and white here? Or is it a result of this episode appearing later than episode 2, even if his personality here is more advanced, rather than less? There’s also the possibility of him being a child here, thinking he’s grown up because he doesn’t want to be treated as a child, and only later, when he’s truly grown up, he realizes how much more growing up he has to do.

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou anime Episode 6 notes - Don knows dreaming won't kill them

This episode is set a month after the Kaiju incident, and involves the same antagonist. Is the Superhuman Bureau the “enemy” because they’re against superhumans, who are weapons of mass destruction (related to anti-war/anti-Atom sentiments of that era/Japan, or perhaps anti-American sentiments?), or is it because they’re kaiju lovers and they want to strike down the Superhuman Bureau who worked against them? It feels neither is true, especially as they make use of their own superhumans, there’s something else going on here, which might be related to how the Bureau is not all that it seems, or to the censorship it employs.

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