OreGairu Season 2 Episode 5 – Wrong Every Time

Well, last week’s episode sure was eventful, eventful enough I wrote my longest episodic write-up to date. What did we have and where are we going with it? Hayama walked a mile in Hachiman’s shoes, and extended empathy and pity to him that Hachiman rejected, because he’s not ready for such abrupt change, and to not being punished.

For all of her talk of not sacrificing oneself, Yukino is going to take it all on her and is going to run for presidency. Yui does not wish to be the only one to let her friends suffer, so her solution, as someone who understands taking the load is suffering and you don’t let friends suffer is to take the load on herself, so she could suffer. And now we are in a pickle, in a place where Hachiman has to choose how to get it so that only he would suffer, or the least amount of people will suffer. Is he going to run for Student Council President himself, with hopes of winning? How will you save your friends who are only trying to save you, dearest Hikki?

Thoughts and Notes:

1) For Sister and State!:

OreGairu S2 episode 5 anime - Hikigaya Hachiman and Komachi stay close

1) This is hard for Hikki. Hikki isn’t used to be the one to frankly reach out to the other, to fix relationships, to say he was wrong, to try and make things not just “optimum happiness for everyone while hating him,” but actually fixing them hating him. But this shows that to Hikki, his relationship with Komachi is just that important. As an aside, this is also why the “incest” romantic line in anime had replaced the robot girlfriend one, someone who’salways supposed to be there for you. So when she’s not, it means things are really that bad.

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