Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 20 – Desires are Hearts Under Blades

(Note: Episodic notes are still mostly to be found on the Episodics Notes’ page. For those who don’t know, I take the notes as I watch the episode, and merely re-order them afterwards.)

Last episode’s moments and the preview made it seem as if it’d be about Nyanta facing off against Londark, and more importantly, the person of the land noble who wishes to kill the adventurers, perhaps in order to take energy from them. Maybe we’ll even see more of what Roe 2 is up to, or what the Round Table is dealing with in Akihabara.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Just Doing My Job – I Hate This World:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 20 notes - Londark and Nyanta, a talk of pain

1) “Do you know what you’re doing?!” – “I’m doing a job and getting paid.” :P

2) “I never received a manual for this world.” – Meaning, he can’t be held accountable. He doesn’t know what his actions will result in, no one knows. Same situation as us and many of our inventions, such as pesticides where the benefits are immediately seen, but the downsides may take decades to manifest. Being immortal, the adventurers might have said decades, unless they can now age and grow old.

3) “Are you trying to spread war?” – “No, but the people who hired me might.” – In other words, he’s repeating the fact he’s just someone who does the job he’s been given. But this is an MMORPG, there are quest givers, and people’s role is to fulfill the quests and earn the rewards, not think about what they mean. We often don’t even really read the flavour text, past a certain point.

The other side is he’s trying to say it’s not his problem, but if we read some Kant, if you act in a way that spreads chaos, you can’t really say it’s not your goal.

2) Fighting Back:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 20 notes - Londark looks out for himself

1) “The world was unfair to me, so I’ll be unfair to it.” – But the same can be said of our world, where much is done to us without us asking for it. Isn’t that so? Regardless, we’ve now tied Londark thematically to Tohya and Minori, to Isuzu, to William Massachusetts, to everyone trying to find their way in the world. Doesn’t matterwhich world, but you need to find your place in it, your self. Same was true for Akatsuki. That’s the theme of this season.

2) “Adventurers are both victims and outsiders. It’s natural for them to feel anger at this unreasonable world.” – But is our world any more reasonable? We’re not “outsiders” there though because we consider it normal. It’s all a question of perspective, of growing up, learning the world’s rules, even if we can’t always affect them.

3) Nyanta getting smacked about in a classic shounen way, because he’s unsure of his way. He’s unsure what force will achieve him. The counterpoint to shounen, where one’s physical prowess is reflective of how sure they are, and everyone is always so sure.

4) “Are you saying I should just let this world screw with me?!” – Always look out for number one, in other words.

5) And now Nyanta realizes it, it’s not just this world, it’s our world as well, and for every person born into it. Just as I said.

3) Adventurers are Heart-Blade Villains:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 20 notes - Mizufa cites Hegel and Nietzsche to Nyanta

1) “You can kill as much as you want, you can die as much as you want.” – It just hit me, but Adventurers are really set up like the villains of the world, like terrible monsters you can never be rid of. Even the so-called “good protectors”.

2) “The strong use their strength as a weapon, and the weak use their weakness as their weapon.” – Someone sure read some Nietzsche and Hegel in here. Also, “everyone’s goal is to kill everyone else.” – By this logic, the world will be depopulated relatively quickly. Though it’s somewhat true, the monsters try to kill the non-monsters, and the non-monsters try to kill the monsters.

3) “Yes, Shiro’s teaching are that boy’s heart-blade. Shiro really is special.” – Nureha really is long-gone, attributing everything to Shiro. But perhaps Shiro picked Tohya because Tohya is special? Or perhaps everyone’s special in their own little way (everybody sing! :P). Regardless, she keeps attributing everything that is clever and special to Shiro. That’s why those who truly love and truly hate someone are so similar, they attribute everything that happens to them to that one person. Also, Nureha here mirrors Londark. Where Londark puts it all on the uncaring world, Nureha pins it all on a personified being, Shiro.

4) “Your kindness is going to get the people you’re trying to protect killed.” – That one must hurt Nyanta. But why? Because this means they’ll never grow to be strong themselves? Because he’s keeping them down, against people like Mizufa?

Or yes, of course, his kindness will have him not killing Mizufa, which in turn will get many more people of the land killed.

4) Heart’s Desire:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 20 notes - Isuzu's desire

If only the singing matched the desire.

1) Nureha ordering something and it being questioned. People need to be reminded that she is the wielder of World-class magic. That she is the true ruler, not merely a puppet. Because she now decided that she desires something.

2) And here is Isuzu’s answer to Londark’s words earlier, “I might not be able to change the world, I might not be able to make a big impact, but I’ll sing anyway. I’ll tell the world I’m here, and that I desire to change it. It’s not much, but it’s something. I will tell you that we are alike, and in the same situation. It’s not much, but I’ll say it.”

3) “I can’t promise I’ll be an artist, but I can promise I’ll love music my entire life.” – Meaning, “Even if I won’t change the world, I’ll still try, I’ll still think of it, and of my place within it.”

4) This song was nice, but I can’t help how much better it’d have been with a better singer, with a more impactful singer singing it. Then again, that Isuzu isn’t is part of the point made in recent episodes. Oh well.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 20 notes - Roe 2's summon

  1. Level 97 to Nyanta’s 92. One of those two spent time cooking food for kids, the other one didn’t.
  2. Those eye-catches are so cute. Wolf-chan!
  3. Roe 2’s music as she gets serious is the Fairy Tail music, it’s so fitting, and so good.
  4. I’m sorry, but this summon’s no-face is butt-ugly.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 20 notes - Nureha thinks of others

“Finding our place in the world” is very much this arc, and season’s theme. It was a bit harder to see it with the early Akatsuki and Lenessia episodes, but it very much is, from William Massachusetts, to Akatsuki, to Isuzu, and even Londark.

The action in this episode actually left a lot to be desired, I kept seeing how choppy it was, especially when Londark and Nyanta fought, but it got slightly better afterward, but mostly with semi-still shots rather than actual movement.

Nyanta though, I find it interesting that the always calm advisor, the always sure one, is the one forced to reconsider, his position in the world, his actions, his relations to others, and the way to achieve one’s goals. Are his goals necessary different than others’? Will his methods actually save more people?

Nureha is still not entirely balanced, and what Plant Hwyaden is aiming for is still less than clear. But everyone’s just doing their best to live in this world, even if for them it means rejecting it.

6 comments on “Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 20 – Desires are Hearts Under Blades

  1. exof954 says:

    Nice review!!! It summarized a lot of stuff I’d felt about the episode, in addition to adding some extra stuff that I hadn’t considered. Great work!
    Also, ermmm… You made a slight mistake. Point 4 on Adventurers are Heart-Blade Villains is the same as point 2 under Heart’s Desire.

    • Guy says:

      Also, ermmm… You made a slight mistake. Point 4 on Adventurers are Heart-Blade Villains is the same as point 2 under Heart’s Desire.

      Thanks, the dangers of trying to re-order stuff.

      And I’m glad you liked it, though I must stress it’s not a review, but my running commentary/thoughts :)

  2. zeroreq011 says:

    Man, I read all the flavor text…

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