Winter 2015 Anime Midseason Overview

Mid-season of the anime season of Winter 2015 is upon us, so time to round up how I feel about the shows I’m current on, or decided to put on hold. A round-up telling you what I think is worthy of your time, or not, and where it’s at. I also happened to appear on a podcast discussing these shows with Flawfinder and others, which you can check out here.

Tiers are in-order of enjoyment/evaluation. Within each tier the order is alphabetical. Also, each show will get a couple of words about how the past week’s episode had been, because I’d rather jot these down.


Death Parade:

Death Parade anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

Death Parade is a show where I don’t know what to expect from each episode, except for it to be both entertaining and quite good. We see humanity, and we see humanity pushed to the limit. Then we see said humanity judged by someone with next to no understanding of what it is he observes, which the show is aware of. We see judgments, and sometimes we do not. We see slices of lives, of the people judged, and of the judges. What is the true focus of the show? To show us slices of humanity? To show us the judgment, and make us think what decisions we would have made in their place? To try and understand the inhuman and quite child-like Decim behind his cold facade?

The show is half-episodic, in a manner reminiscent of Mushishi and Shigofumi, so each episode may not have the same goals as the others, and some episodes exist mostly to have us reconsider our thoughts from prior episodes. And it’s all very much worth your time.

Episodes Watched: 6/12.
Current Rating: A. Every episode had been good, and many of them had been good in different ways. Highly recommended.

Last Week – Episode 6: Ginti’s bar. Ginti makes a mockery of the judgment, and we don’t even see how it turns out in the end. Ginti also acts in a manner that could only be described as hypocritical, not caring for others’ names but making a point out of them not calling his(?) cat by its name. This episode was very much about the arbitrary nature of the game, and how over the top lives can be, and how fun.

Durarara!!x2 Shou (Second Season Part 2):

Durarara!! X2 shou anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

“More of the same” is often used as a pejorative, when something’s been tired the second time we’ve come across it, and we can hardly recall the 20th. But sometimes, “more of the same” is exactly what one wishes for, and that is the case for me with Durarara!!. I absolutely loved Durarara!!’s first half to bits, with how much it’s been about the feeling of a big and breathing world that welcomes you, that makes you a part of an ever-changing tapestry. Durarara!! returns with even more characters, each unique in their own way, without them feeling either out of place with the rest of the cast, or feeling like one-dimensional caricatures.

Durarara!! is a master-class in presenting multiple interwoven storylines. I often feel after an episode as if I watched three, not that anything was rushed, but rather, that so much went on, and yet each bit feels as if it received the time it deserved.

Episodes Watched: 6/12-13 (tri-cour, so 36-39 episodes in total)
Current Rating: A+. If you’ve watched Durarara!! and liked it (how could you not?), then watch this. If you haven’t watched Durarara!!, then I strongly suggest you do.
You can read all of my post-episode gushing on the show here.

Last Week – Episode 6: Not the episode I expected, to be honest. After the way episode 5 ended, I expected this episode to be quite high on action, but instead we kept setting the situation up, introducing even more characters. But this being Durarara!!, it was quite fine. Here are my lengthier thoughts on this episode.


Shirobako anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

Adult life.

It’s very much a question of tone. One could see this as the post-Welcome to the N.H.K. show, of what happens when you actually graduate and enter, or try to enter, the working adult life. It could even be seen as a depressing show, showing you how if you rise to the task and work hard, you mostly get saddled with extra work, and how you’ll have co-workers who will coast through life, dumping even more work on your lap, or actively try to subvert your efforts. In that sense, Shirobako is a no-nonsense shows that faces you with many of the characters and situations you will face in your adult life, likely as not.

But the characters rise up to the challenge, the art style is crisp, and the overall attitude is one of “We can do it!” – It’s not always easy to watch, it’s not always “fun”, but this show, which straddles the line between “actual slice of life” and drama (and is mostly a drama), is one of the most consistent shows I’ve watched in a long while. Highly recommended if you liked Hanasaku Iroha, or try that one if you like this.

Episodes Watched: 18/24.
Current Rating: A. P.A. Works deliver a drama that reminds me a lot of Hanasaku Iroha, and is as good. That’s high praise. Also quite realistic in its lessons.

Last Week – Episode 18: Continuing the trend, things seem to go well, until more minor catastrophes arise. No, it’s never outside of someone’s control, which is the point, it’s always someone who can’t handle the stress, and flakes out. This is what Shirobako is about most weeks, but it still feels fresh, just as each minor catastrophe in our own lives feels entirely separate from prior ones. The signs were on the wall, here, especially with a studio called “Titanic”, but you try to not notice them, you hope against hope things will turn out well, and then you try to muster through when they don’t.

Solid (Good-Average):

Assassination Classroom / Ansatsu Kyoushitsu:

Assassination Classroom anime / Ansatsu Kyoushitsu anime Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

So subtle

This show is a weaker Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO). What was the entire backstory in GTO is reduced to a single episode here. The show’s not very funny, and it’s not at all clever, as it hits you over the head with how a bunch of looked down-on kids find solace from their teacher, an alien who threatens to destroy Earth if they do not assassinate him, and the mutual comfort and understanding betweeen two groups of outsiders. This show is as subtle as a brick to the head, which is to be expected with Seiji Kishi as the director (DanganRonpa, Hamatora, Angel Beats!), but I still find it amusing enough, entertaining enough, and with enough heart to not have dropped it yet.

Episodes Watched: 5/22.
Current Rating: B-. It’s the weakest show in this group, and I should be watching other stuff instead, but I enjoy it enough, and sometimes that’s what matters.

Last Week – Episode 5: The kids are really killers, and the show reminds us of it once more, that you can’t raise kids as killers without it somehow affecting their personalities. The Dean of the school stands for the “Order and Logic” of using scapegoats, and conflict is a-brewing.

Junketsu no Maria / Maria the Virgin Witch:

Maria the Virgin Witch anime / Junketsu no Maria anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

A show to complement Maoyu Maou Yuusha, one of the shows I was most fond of from the past few years. There are those who make their living off of war, and when you help one group, you happen to harm another. Even if you were to stop a pack of marauding mercenaries, you either unleash them on another part of the country, or you force those you saved to become their killers. Maria is a show focusing on this question on one hand, and a small cast of characters on the other. No one is a villain, and no one is a saint. Everyone’s just trying to help the world as best as they can, while fighting their own insecurities. The art is often off-character, but the voice acting is solid.

Episodes Watched: 6/?.
Current Rating: B. Worth a watch, though I’m not entirely sure what it is we’re getting, or where it’s going, exactly.

Last Week – Episode 6: Truth can be used as a weapon, and as Maria’s secrets become known to others, they may get used against her. This episode also put on center stage the fact this isn’t just a fight about ideals as goals, but ideals as means. Maria wishes for peace, and she could attain peace by agreeing to what should be one last large-scale slaughter, but peace isn’t a goal, peace is the means so people will no longer get hurt. Having people get hurt in order to obtain the ideal of “people should not get hurt” sits wrong with Maria, even as the stakes are affirmed once more, by Michael’s visitation. Episode 5 didn’t have much to discuss, except that everyone has a dream, and people’s dreams collide – which is why Heaven doesn’t intervene, how do you act when two people make contradictory requests of you?

Log Horizon 2nd Season:

Log Horizon 2 anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

Log Horizon’s pacing was never the greatest, not even in the first handful episodes of the first season. Some episodes are just there for us to spend time with the characters, while nothing happens, not even further progression of their relationships. Some episodes, we touch on how the “wage gap” in Akihabara might yet break down the social cohesion keeping everything working together, and the characters aren’t sure how to solve it, with socialism versus libertarian discussions being espoused by various characters. And some episodes, we progress with the plot, introducing the various ways the author thought of how a game-world turned real would behave.

And that mix is what Log Horizon is. The focus is usually on the characters, the pacing often leaves quite a bit to be desired, but if you’ve made it thus far, you know what you’re in for. The good episodes are very much worth the price of entry, and the cast is likeable enough that there are worse things to spend time on than spending it with them.

Episodes Watched: 19/25.
Current Rating: B-. This show is the definition of “s(t)olid”, with some brighter moments, but often held down by its stolid pacing.

Last Week – Episode 19: Where did Nureha disappear off to? I expected Tohya to face off against her, but instead he’s facing off against people who wish to die, while Minori spoke to someone who just might be a deity in this world. A lot sure happened this episode, with a focus on how things could go if this were Sword Art Online and one couldn’t die – a death cult arises, which tries to return to the other world via the only way they can, the memories as they die. We have a Person of the Land even remark on how immortals can’t understand their own struggles, and this is all contrasted with William Massachusetts’s take, on how to some this world is merely a digression from the real one. We’re cooking with gasoline, and it came out of left field, honestly.

Parasyte: The Maxim / Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu:

Kiseiju anime / Parasyte - the maxim anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

Parasyte is a series exploring Shinichi’s descent to horror, him dealing with an impossible situation, and how his psyche is strained and sometimes broken. Sadly, over the last segment, the show seems to have fallen onto one of the biggest issues anime series can run into, which usually arise around episodes 13-19, the issue where they have too many episodes for the story they wish to portray. Unlike many others, I’m not actually opposed to the pacing of the tale, as we explore how Shinichi truly loses control, step by step, but you do feel as if some episodes are just sort of… there, and you could describe the events and even mannerisms in that handful of characters in a couple of sentences. In some ways, you can feel this show is made by the people responsible for Hunter x Hunter (2011), and would probably hold up better when marathoned.

Overall, it’s another psychology-horror show with super-heroics of the Batman and Spiderman sort peppered on top, done quite competently, if not extraordinarily.

Episodes Watched: 18/24.
Current Rating: B-.

Last Week – Episode 18: This episode epitomized how this show suffers from its episodic format (where I mean it’s released as distinct episodes, not that each episode stands on its own). The mid-section of the episode concluded Tamiya Ryoko’s arc, and we’ve had the ED play. This segment obviously needed to be at the end of an episode. But they wanted episode 17 to end on a cliff-hanger, and episode 18 to end on another, so rather than actually have two episodes that tell a complete episode each, we’ve been given two episodes that each tell two halves of two different stories. At least it feels progress is now once more upon us. The content in episode 18 was all good, mind, but the way it’s been handled wasn’t.

Try Harder Please:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders: Cairo Arc:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

This show being in this section isn’t necessarily because of how bad the show is, but because “Please try harder” is exactly what I wish to say to the show. Some episodes, especially the Oingo Boingo one, and to a lesser degree the first Anubis episode had been quite enjoyable, but others had been “more of the same of what I found incredibly dull in the first half of Stardust Crusaders,” namely unexciting “battle of the week” against enemy Stand users. There needs to be more levity, or more “awesome cool shit” happening, but JoJo seems too content too much of the time just being “JoJo”. It often feels as if Stardust Crusaders isn’t JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but a show aping JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Overall, it’s still better than the first half, but it’s not as a whole, but because of episodes that are better on their own.

Episodes Watched: 6/? (30/? if you count as 2nd part).
Current Rating: C++/B–. Uneven.

Last Week – Episode 6/30: We meet Mariah. The going-ons had been entertaining enough, and we had Polnareff’s usual shtick, with which I identify strongly, that of wanting clean toilets, mirrored by Joseph. The best part about this episode is we have silly old-man Joseph at the focus, without Polnareff, Kakyoin, and the other, lesser clowns :P

Just Bad:

Tokyo Ghoul √A (Root A, Second Season):

Tokyo Ghoul Root A anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

Terrible art, focusing on minor characters rather than on the main character, why he’s done what he’s done, or even how it affects his old friends, or how everything will proceed once he meets up with them again, or when we learn what he’s going for. It’s as if season one ended, and rather than continue the story we’re actually getting a huge “Non-filler but focusing on anything but progress, or true character development” arc. It’s a master class in how to not do things, and the production being so pitiful doesn’t help it at all. In some ways it reminds me of the worst parts of Bleach, especially superficially on the plot level, with how people observe and remark from afar. There’s very little to recommend here.

Episodes Watched: 6/12.
Current Rating: D+. It has some moments I like. Few and far between.

Last Week – Episode 6: Talk of being promoted, “I hate you, you’re why my father died.” – “I hate myself, my father wasn’t promoted because he had to take care of me!” – Every attempt at characterization in this episode felt beyond superficial.

On Hold:

Yuri Kuma Arashi / Love Bullet: Yuri Bear Storm:

Yuri Kuma Arashi anime - Winter 2015 Anime Season Overview

This show’s on hold because my write-up for the second episode ended up as a 2,990 words-long monstrosity, then I fell behind, and the need to clear roughly 3 hours of my schedule to watch it meant it kept falling back, and as more episodes appeared, this became ever likelier. I think Ikuhara shows benefit from being watched in one go, rather than being drawn out week after week, so watching it after it ends is an idea that I find appealing.

What of the show itself? Its first couple of episodes weren’t very good, not necessarily as anime episodes, but as the first two episodes – they didn’t introduce a plot hook to draw us in, they didn’t introduce characters for us to care about, or even be very interested in. It was a pretty cold affair, all in all, much in love with symbolism. Symbolism I felt I had a good grasp of after the first episode, and felt spelled out in the second episode. Interestingly enough, from what I hear from others, they now tire of the symbolism as it’s impossible to miss it as it keeps getting hammered at them, but the characters are finally being fleshed out properly.

Episodes Watched: 2/12.
Current Rating: B-. Definitely a show that takes its time, the rating is very preliminary.

You can read my episodic notes for the show, few, but lengthy as they are, here.

The Rolling Girls:

A show that started explosively, but like Yuri Kuma Arashi, without actually letting us know either what it’d be about, or anything about its characters. The third episode finally introduced the show proper to us, and it was quite underwhelming, for lack of a better word. It’s hard to judge a show based on merely one episode, but I was just busy with other things, and haven’t returned to the show yet.

Episodes Watched: 3/?.
Current Rating: B-.


Kantai Collection / KanColle:

Perfectly fine “cute girls being cute” shows that just isn’t for me. I was just terribly bored and unentertained. I’m not a masochist, and I don’t get paid for this, so I won’t be watching more.

Episodes Watched: 1/?
Rating: Poi/10. (Ok/10)

Koufuku Graffiti / Gourmet Girl Graffiti:

Better “cute girls being cute” than KanColle, but with even less scenes that I’m not bored in. Coupled with more “I will be a good wife! I will mother my fellow character!” from 8th grader girls. Not for me. Also, how heavy Shaft is pushing the porn-like qualities of the food-gasms doesn’t do anything to endear the show to me. I find it neither cute nor clever, though Shaft often think themselves oh-so-clever.

Episodes Watched: 1/12.
Rating: Fine, for those who like this type of show.

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata / How to Train the Ordinary Girl to be a Heroine:

Episode 0 was an OVA, a terrible fan-service OVA. Such OVAs often rely on us already liking the cast, which wasn’t present here. Then episode 1 came and continued with the worst indulgences of the OVA, with hammering us over the head with how clever and meta-aware the show is. Except, the show kept poking fun at how unoriginal its premise and characters are, which did not make its cast any more endearing, or its premise any less unoriginal. It was “not terrible”, but when that’s the best I can say of a show, then I can do better things with my time.

Episodes Watched: 1/11 + Episode 0.
Rating: D-. This is bad, and I wasn’t looking for much.

Overall thoughts on the season:

The “Good” and “Average” groups had been grouped together in this season. On the positive side, it means that even the so-called “average” things I’m watching are quite good. On the negative side, it means even the so-called “good” things I’m watching are closer to average than actually standing out.

But I’m not really complaining. Three shows I love and look forward each and every week, and a handful other shows I find myself enjoying almost every week, even if there’s nothing special about them? I’d take it, I’d take it and run. As for the truly terrible shows, I chuckled at the reports from people who watched them, as I knew they’d be terrible and avoided them altogether (Absolute Duo, Testament of New Sister Devil, Fafner, etc.). And yeah, sad Tokyo Ghoul Root A crashed and burned, but it happens.

Today’s question should be obvious: With the anime midseason upon us, how do you feel about this season as a whole?

11 comments on “Winter 2015 Anime Midseason Overview

  1. Jat says:

    I’m so glad that someone else despises Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata) as much as I do. It is the absolute worst kind of pandering, lazy garbage I can’t stand. Unfortunately I challenged myself at the beginning of the season to write about it every week to make myself more disciplined. I dread Thursdays now.

    Thankfully though, the other show I chose to write about was Rolling Girls. I really recommend that you catch up on it. Episode 5 and 6 were fantastic (and several steps above the episode 3 and 4 arc). So if you give it some time I really think it’ll grow into its own.

    • Guy says:

      My suggestion is to trade “Write about Saekano every week” to “Write about [show] every week”. And switch to a show you like better. I try to write about no less than 1 and no more than 2 shows in-depth every week, these days, due to time constraints, but if I absolutely adore 4 shows, I’ll write about 4. And if there’s none I care for, I’ll write about none, or find one in my backlog.

      I don’t really despise Saekano, I just found it tedious and self-loving, as well as pandering, in ways I absolutely hate. So my hatred isn’t for Saekano, but about how these things came to replace actual comedy based off of hard work.

      Well, Rolling Girls is still on-hold, thus it’s not listed as “dropped”. We’ll see. I might catch up to it after the season ends, as I’m currently watching a comfortable number of shows, especially as I also want to delve into the backlog, and I like marathoning shows better anyway. Saturday night becomes a tad busier with Rolling Girls, especially as I semi-regularly watch movies on Saturday night, or have the Friday shows to catch up on.

  2. exof954 says:

    The only shows I’m watching are Log Horizon, Kuroko (2 weeks behind because Crunchyroll), Aldnoah, and DRRR!! I’m trying to catch up to Build Fighters Try and Arc-V, the former’s prequel being flat-out awesome and the latter because I have a fandom counting on me. But yeah, this season seems to have good shows, next ALDNOAH and AssClass, then harems, Ghoul Root A, and the like. I’d say I got the good stuff this time.

    • Guy says:

      How is a fandom counting on you, I’m curious? :D

      I’m also not sure, are you describing Aldnoah, Assassination Classroom, and the harems as good, or saying that’s the descending order of good shows?

      • exof954 says:

        W-Well, I wouldn’t say a whole fandom. But I know a lot of people both on- and off-line who are watching it, and despite the first 10 episodes being slow and boring (with the exception of 7) they’re all saying that it gets better, and is supposedly one of the best YGO series yet, and that I seriously need to catch up. (I could go into a whole rant about that, but this is getting too long as is.)

        As to the other question: It’s the descending order. Personally I love Aldnoah, as the only other mecha I’ve seen is Captain Earth (not including the just-marathoned GBF), but I know that it’s pretty damn far from perfect. Still it’s not the worst show around by any means.

  3. Artemis says:

    I haven’t really changed my opinion on the winter season as a whole now that we’ve reached the halfway point. Overall I find it decidedly weak, with only two of the new shows (Death Parade and Durarara!!) consistently exciting me every episode. In fact, the only other new show that I’m still watching at all is Yuri Kuma Arashi, and that’s mostly out of a vague curiosity at this point. I halfheartedly tried out a few other shows at the beginning of the season (Assassination Classroom, Junketsu no Maria, Rolling Girls), but such was my enthusiasm that I never even made it past the first episode for any of them. Luckily, I at least still have Parasyte, Yona, and Ronja to keep me company.

    • Guy says:

      Hm. I find 3 shows I count as “great” to be as much as I can expect of a season, these days. I’m at least having fun with most of my average shows.

      Also, I feel calling Durarara!! a new show is somewhat cheating :D Then again, considering how hard Sailor Moon: Crystal flopped, we can’t count our good shows before actually watching them >.>

  4. The Lie says:

    What about: “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso” ? :(

    • Guy says:

      Haven’t caught up to it yet, meaning hadn’t watched a single episode yet. Hope is to catch up on it and Garo, but been rewatching NGE and tying off stuff from my backlog instead. I always prefer to marathon shows anyway, so the more episodes, the merrier.

  5. EatzAce says:

    how do you feel about this season as a whole?

    In a word: enlightening.

    Before this season, I actually didn’t understand the concept of “hate-watching.” I thought to myself, “why would anyone waste their time watching something they strongly dislike?” However, as circumstance would have it, this season, I was presented with quite the gem that showed me the value of watching a show you hate. This gem was none other than the flaming trainwreck that is Aldnoah Zero S2.

    I’ve realized that by “hate-watching” a controversial show like A/Z, while I may not enjoy the 24 minute long weekly spectacle of script-writer Takayama Katsuhiko digging the story ever more deeper, I do enjoy the hour long, heated debates with friends and collective trashing with other friends that arise from this show.

    This actually does make me wonder if that was the intent behind this show meaning the entire premise and character personality (or lack thereof) was specifically designed to incite discussion even at the acknowledged cost of quality. There was an interesting blog that pertained to this very subject that argued A/Z was essentially a cash grab. I found it to be a pretty accurate summation of the show and its merits despite its numerous glaring flaws.

    Which brings me to my question/rito pls request, would you consider “hate watching” Aldnoah Zero S2 to use as an item of discussion and analysis on your blog? I know you disliked the first season but you wrote lengthy and interesting write-ups about each episode which makes me all the more curious as to your thoughts of the 2nd season.

    I once again apologize for my lengthy, winded response. I should probably avoid writing so late at night :p.

    • Guy says:

      How much do you think a medium-sized 1,500 words episodic notes piece that is more involved takes, in terms of time? All in all, including links, formatting, images, etc. – let’s put it at roughly 2.5-3 hours. That’s around $30, for minimum. Look at the low-average rate of rate per word in the semi-hobby industry of RPG writing, 3 cents per word? That’s $45.

      (The average word-count for a post from season 1 is 1,767 words. The longer posts took closer to 4 hours, and over 2,200 words. We’re talking either $50 as bare minimum by one measurement, or closer to $70 by the other.)

      No, no one pays me for anything I write on this blog (sadly), and I write what I write because I want to. But that means I don’t write about shows I don’t find interesting to write about. Now, I’m sure I could find Aldnoah.Zero interesting enough to talk about, but I wouldn’t find it interesting enough to actually watch (or would I? I planned to pick it up, but found out I didn’t actually care. I never hated the show, I just found it all tedious by the time it ended).

      Now, to talk about the show. I might still write an editorial about it, but “plot by plot-twists and cliffhangers” isn’t actually good writing. It’s not even writing to get people talking, as much as to hide what every episode does, or doesn’t do. It’s not that interesting to talk about, or think about, once you’ve seen enough shows try to pull it off. It’s interesting in abstract, though.

      And here we get to the final point, where Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is a good a stand in as any. The show wasn’t at all interesting, it was dreadfully dull. Talking about it was very interesting. But that wasn’t because of the show, that wasn’t a success of the show (and I’ve seen people ask, “But if the show gets you so invested, doesn’t it mean it’s good?”) – it’s in spite of the show, and often is about the very failings of the show. I’d rather watch something good. Especially as most bad shows tend to be bad in very similar ways, and how much can you keep repeating the same ways the show fails? Though I did go over them for thousands of words a week for several weeks… Check episode 9 in particular, that took over 3 hours of work, and is very in-depth break down, but it’s very much work, and not fun.

      And no, I never “Hate watch”, as my time is far too valuable for that. Even if people were to cough up the money it’d take for me to watch something I absolutely hated (NouCome), I’m not sure I’d take it. I’m no longer in the army, and I don’t have to work at stuff I hate.

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