Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 12 – Economy and Friends

(Note: Episodic notes are still mostly to be found on the Episodics Notes’ page. For those who don’t know, I take the notes as I watch the episode, and merely re-order them afterwards.)

So, Shiroe and Kinjou (Golden) of the Kunie clan. Time to see what Shiroe’s goal is, and how he manages to convince someone, by being honest. Well, let us see what it’s all been for (my money is on money to invest in innovation and personal businesses, to get people moving, and creating).

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot Album.

1) It’s The Economy, Stupid!:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 12 notes - The Kunie's treasure's curse

Money, so great, so terrible.

1) Ha! Things were getting a bit too serious for a moment there. I like how Shiro is looking outside himself, seeing how the adventurers must appear to the People of the Land – implacable, they go in, knowing they will die, and then they come again. Just as them fighting so recklessly, which is only made possible by their effective immortality, and their glee in fighting, which came from them playing this as a gamefrightened Lenessia so much last season – berserker zombies, that’s what our protagonists effectively are.

2) “By the terms of the contract, we will tell you.” – Someone coded this thing, but then also made it work within the game, almost like an easter egg; and then they put an in-game group to guard it, and tell the brave adventurers what they found – the easter egg.an embodiment of the gold going places.

This is also a way to keep everything a “close economy”. The gold originates from here, but how does it return here? When people spend it and then put it in the bank? So the bank doesn’t store money – in other words, there’s only a limited and static amount of money going around, it’s just where it’s kept. I highly recommend reading Terry Pratchett’s Making Money, the 2nd Moist Von Lipwig novel in the overall Discworld series.

3) I always loved this part of the first season best, seeing how a game would operate if its systems became “the real world.” – Yup, a clan that gives gold to the monsters who attack the people, essentially creating a reason for them to be defeated, but also working with them – doesn’t sit right.

4) “The Kunie’s gold brings a blessing and a curse. A great treasure is no treasure at all. The beast you’re guarding will destroy the world.” – You can see the author of the story doesn’t care all that much for economists, even if he cares much for economy (as one can also see from Maoyu). This resonates with people who win the lottery and ruining their lives, or how money can make the world go around, but also plunge it into standstill (bubbles, and their burst).

2) Libertarianism! Freedom! Being Scared of Human Nature:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 12 notes - Shiroe believes in property

We’re not die-hard socialists here!

Hm, interesting. When Shiroe went to this Kunie representative and told him the whole point was to stop the financial drain on The Round Table, rather than try to create a new economy and bolster innovation, I was disappointed. This will give them comfort, and probably lower the chances of actual innovation, because there’d be no need. Of course, too much pressure and no one has time to actually innovate or enjoy life, which is Shiroe’s ultimate goal of home-making.

But then he went all Shiroe-of-The-Contracts on us and showed us something I didn’t expect, but part of it was simply due to missing information, such as the people of the land being unable to buy property (which makes sense in a game). What he did in case anyone missed it was gave the building to the Yamato Server. Yamato Server is where the gold originates and where the gold ends, so a new stream appeared, of the Gold Stream looping the payment for the buildings of Akihabara, to itself.

But now his plan is to have “public ground”, which no one will own. He had to state he’s not a libertarian though, that people will be able to make contracts between one another, but not for territory? That governance will be by agreement, as is in our world? Such as the fact that we’re ruled by a body we essentially permit to govern us, and can affect, the so-called contract of the people with their governments. We’ll see. But it’s good to see a larger goal.

“Help us, so we won’t destroy ourselves.” – Yes, the undead berserkers have all this power, the power to destroy their own happiness.

3) Back to Dealing with People:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 12 notes - William Massachusetts on being immortalized

You made it, William. Good job.

1) Demikas is moved by his name immortalized as succeeding in this raid, alongside his comrades, even if they’re not friends. Mirrors the memorial hall sequence from Mother’s Rosario arc in Sword Art Online as well.

2) “Say my name”, a most basic request or demand for recognition. Indeed. The most basic of honours. Servants without names, or calling people “Boy”, for instance. Of course, in modern culture you often try to strike a place in the middle, with “Dude”, or “Bro”, even to people you don’t know, showing you want to be closer to them than no reference at all, but aren’t close enough for actual name. When you do know their name, it goes back from the other direction, and shows an even closer relationship, but you need to get there first.

Shiroe “explaining” why he did what he did before? He’s rationalizing. The key word in his explanation was “might” – we create these explanations after the fact, and act as if they’ve always been true, which may or may not be true, but we make them retroactively true.

3) Tetra, please go, and stay go.

I don’t care“? I remember you and Naotsogu cheering one another over seeing her rear and panties when you’ve first met, Regan.

4) “Add me to your friend list.” – Yeah, I guess in this world you have to be overt about becoming someone’s “friend”. Then we have something like Facebook, where “friending” someone doesn’t necessarily mean they’re your friends.

4) The Future Looms and Glooms:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 12 notes - Plant Hwayden is ominous

Dark room, ominous words, how promising >.>

1) “When will you tell him that you’re a boy?” – Honestly, I don’t really care. I don’t like Tetra, and “It’s no fun until I tease him too much.” ensures I probably won’t for a long long time. Not much of a character either, mostly a one-shtick stand-in.

2) Plant Hwayden, aren’t they the people The Round Table was worried about? “Every day is boring without the smell of blood” doesn’t promise much for peace and quiet, that’s for sure. Or weren’t they the group with that scary noble in the final few episodes of last season?

3) Panning around the room, showing us each character scoffing, or smirking, or looking unperturbed, per statement. A very badly constructed scene, terribly belaboured.

Oooh, they’re all working with/for that fox who tried to offer Shiroe the world, which he’s basically taking on his own.

4) “KR once told me…” – So, an important member of Plant Hwayden is another ex-member of The Debauchery Tea Party.

5) Walking In-Step, Getting Trolled:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 12 notes - Akatsuki and Shiroe having a moment


1) “Hey, is that Marie?!” – And Tetra is trolling Naotsogu again, oh my.

2) “Did you get taller?” – “You’re terrible, My Lord!” – Took the words right out of my mouth, Akatsuki. I think he might just be covering for his embarrassment.

3) “Everyone is doing their best, even if I can’t see them.” – This is tied to him returning the land to the Yamato Server, him realizing others have their own stories, and don’t merely revolve around him.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 12 notes - Tetra's panties

Please go.

  1. Ah, so it’s a relative. Makes sense, Kinjou is back in Akihabara.
  3. Man, they’ve showed us this one still about 5 times in 40 seconds. I know visuals aren’t this show’s strongest suit, but it’s a bit much.
  4. A clothcollapse, also known as apparelvalanche, when one’s closet goes nuclear.
  5. Rudie is still Rudie, the sometimes loveable but mostly silly Golden Retriever. His owners don’t know quite what to do with him.

Next episode is Valentine’s Day? Oh my. I remember the cake-eating episode from last season :o

Post Episode Thoughts:

Log Horizon Season 2 anime episode 12 notes - Shiroe looks to the future

The big Log Horizon message in a nutshell.

Well, this episode told us what Shiroe went for, and now it remains to be seen how it’ll play out. William managed to come through for his guild and Shiroe, his guild came through for him, and Shiroe came through for everyone.

We’ve been reminded that as Tetra pointed out, the world will keep interfering with Shiroe, he’s too capable, too powerful, to be left alone. More than that, the world’s nature is to intrude on us, to make demands of us. A reminder that in a living and breathing world, there’s always “next step”, and even Shiroe’s success here was merely a stepping stone. To what? We’ll have to keep watching to find out, including to see the fallout from his plan’s success.

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