12 Days of Anime #6 – “Do The Combination!” – Aldnoah.Zero’s Spectacular Failures

Well, rather than talk without end, let’s start with showing you today’s topic:

Okay, you’re back? So what did we have here? A transformation sequence that lasted 72 seconds, which has a lot of glitter, but no real impact. There’s no visual impact, it’s not actually impressive. More important, within the show, you don’t at all care for the transformation. This came in the finale of the first half of the (split-cour) show, and I couldn’t help but laugh when this played on my screen, and kept on playing (you can read the episodic notes for the finale here).

In my notes, I said “Am I still watching the same series I’ve been watching for 12 episodes, or did I load the wrong file mid-episode? :D” – But in retrospect? This is exactly one of the main problems Aldnoah.Zero had suffered to for the entirety of its run – everything is grand, everything is loud, but everything is so colossally wasteful. So much time spent on things that don’t matter, trying to make things seem realistic when they’re all ass-pulls, concentrating on characters that aren’t just uninteresting, but actively make you care less for the show, and which wear their badly-written nature as some badge of honour.

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 11 - The jumping jeep

This show in a nutshell – empty calories.

Aldnoah.Zero wasted our times, it tried to keep people from noticing what it was doing by finishing almost every single episode with some so-called “twist” or “cliff-hanger”, but if you actually looked at the series as a whole, you saw it barely did anything, and what was done could’ve been done in about half the time. Ridiculous, gargantuan, glittery, and ultimately mostly empty, or weighed down by its bad parts. And no one could ignore the extravagant wastefulness in the last two episodes, love it or hate it.

Oh yeah, and it started so promising (you can read my episodic notes for every single episode of the series here). If there’s anything this show did do right throughout it was making good usage of its soundtrack. The two webms in this post are two of the first I’ve ever made. The following video contains spoilers for the first episode.

So, dear readers, any moment in anime that stood out to you and couldn’t be ignored, that was too grand? Bonus points if it was also ridiculously over-the-top.

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