Getting Back Into Gear – Blog/Anime Plans for December/January.

So, each time my blog had gone inactive, the cause had always been the same – video games. No, not GamerGate or any such nonsense, but me just playing them, a lot. First Starcraft 2 and League of Legends, and now Diablo 3. But I’m going to do my best to balance more than one hobby at once, so while this season (and it turned out to be around one season) is basically “lost”, in terms of blogging from me, I plan to get back into gear from this month.

I’m currently up to date on the following airing cartoons: Sword Art Online II, Akame ga Kill!, Shirobako, The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance, Parasyte: The Maxim (Kiseiju), Log Horizon 2nd season, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. That’s actually 8 series, which is around how many I often end seasons with. So it’s not that bad, even if two of these weren’t shows I intended to watch originally, and this season is apparently filled with great series (I really need to watch Mushishi and Kimi no Uso, at the very least).

So, where do we go from here? One option would be to resume operations as normal, catch up on the rest of the seasonal anime, and let that be that, but this is December, so that won’t quite work.

First, there’s the “12 days of anime” shtick going around these parts, you can see my posts from last year here. It might be harder to find 12 post-ideas this year, but I’ll make an effort. Then there’d be the push for “Top shows of 2014”, which again, will be much grimmer than the grand year 2013 had been.

That means I’m going to try and catch up on some shows from this year, most particularly, try to get down on the list of shows I’ve started this year and hadn’t finished, some with only a single episode left. Here’s the current list and my plans for each (more or less in order of the year of their release):

  1. Princess Tutu 19/26 episodes – Best show I’ve watched this year. Like many other shows on the list, the problem is I’ve watched it while taking notes for each episode, so would rather finish doing it in this manner. Top priority show.
  2. Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World 4/13 episodes – Watching and writing an editorial a day on this one took too much from me. I think I’ll try for an episode and write-up every week or every other week, from January onward. You can read the current entries here.
  3. Ouran Highschool Host Club 21/26 episodes – This is mostly light entertainment, should be finished relatively quickly. I did take notes for every single episode, might be worth a mini-write-up.
  4. Sora no Woto 10/13 episodes – Again, write-ups, the bane and boon of my existence. Hmmmm. Simple stuff.
  5. Paranoia Agent 9/13 episodes – Trippy stuff, heavy stuff. Need to dedicate an afternoon to it.
  6. Ergo Proxy 11/23 episodes – The last couple of episodes were so trippy. Lots of material to write about, this is right up my alley, perhaps even slightly too much so. The write-up curse and starting too many shows before the last ones are done strike once more!
  7. Denpa Onna 9/13 episodes – I stalled out at the same place I did where I watched the show back when it originally aired. It should be light and easy entertainment, but watching this show is somewhat of a slog for me. I might drop it, or watch an episode a day or something. Feels like a chore, and I’m not getting paid for this (unless you guys want to pitch in :P)
  8. Highschool DxD 2/12 episodes – Wasn’t terrible, but also so much not a priority. I’ll get to it when I get to it, which may be several years down the line.
  9. WataMote 10/12 episodes – Urgh, I even have the whole structure for a post about this series done, and have had since its 5th episode. But it’s not really doing a lot for me. Will consider. Likely not till January/February.
  10. Samurai Flamenco 12/22 episodes – The curse of the write-ups (read here)! First show that’s actually in running for 2014 list. I’m actually fine watching this sans write-ups, so it should happen. This show actually fell off because it came out on a day where I wrote write-ups for 3-4 shows, and it was just too much.
  11. Kara no Kyoukai / Garden of Sinners films 5-8I wrote a post about each of the first four films. I’ll probably rewatch these films before forging onward. Planned for January.
  12. Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (Love Song for a Certain Pilot) 12/13 episodes – One more episode! This show sort of crashed and burned, and episode 12 was a solid ending, to which they decided to tack on another episode. Not sure I can make myself watch it. No way does it make the “Top shows of 2014” list :-/
  13. Mekakucity Actors 10/12 episodes – This is a tough one. My memory is quite good, and I have my notes and screenshots if I need a reminder, but stopping to watch a show such as this just as things were going down will hamper my ability to immerse myself in the show. Then again, I feel the show was quite bad at getting you immersed anyway. Will likely finish, not sure about write-up, one was certainly going to arrive had I finished this earlier. Write-ups here.
  14. Zankyou no Terror / Terror in Resonance 10/11 episodes – This just came out just as I fell into my Diablo 3 addiction. A shame. One more episode, might rewatch episode 10 to get into the groove as well. Episodic write-up will likely go up on blog. Definitely before the month ends.

Looking at the above, it doesn’t seem like that bad of a list, considering I used to down 20-24 episodes a day on weekend like nobody’s business, but then you have the fact I want to take notes for most of these, and that I find it almost hard to watch more than 5 episodes in a row right now, I fell out of practice! Though I’ll postpone some of these to January, which will help.

Then there’s my plan to watch Monogatari Second Season + Hanamonogatari this month, and I’ll use Hanamonogatari to shoe it into “Top 2014” shows. Waited for the BD version, as I’ve watched the series up to now. I want to marathon either Hyouka or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, alongside the 2nd season of Free!. Marathoning a show should help me recoup somewhat.

So, what about the blog? Expect the episodic write-ups for Zankyou no Terror and Mekakucity Actors. I have notes for most shows I’m current on, and will populate the episodic write-up page with them over the coming week. Expect a daily post for the “12 days of anime” project. Expect “Media Month in Review” for September-November in 36-48 hours from now. Hopefully I’ll do a grab-bag post, a post with 2-3 paragraphs on each of 2-3 pieces of media I’ve consumed and have thoughts on but not the energy for a full 1-3.5k word write-up for, including shows I had ideas but lost the fine details needed for them (such as Psycho-Pass’s first season).

January or February should also finally see the long-promised “10 anime movies to get you started”, to go along with the “10 shows to get you started” post. Weekly round-up of shows will come back next season, which reminds me, there should also be a 2015 Winter Season preview coming out this month. Oh my. (There’d also likely be a couple of game design posts about Diablo 3, but I’ll put them up on my game design blog and spare you.)

Anyway, I’m back, and your patronage and support are welcome and appreciated as always! I’ll also try to catch up on blog comments over the next couple of days. Feel free to tell me how you’ve been lately, as even my Twitter participation had fallen off!

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One comment on “Getting Back Into Gear – Blog/Anime Plans for December/January.

  1. EatzAce says:


    That’s seems like a lot of anime to stomach in a month, even for a semi-NEET otaku like me. On top of that you seem to plan to do write-ups for a majority them. O_o. Isn’t it difficult to concentrate on doing full-series write-ups while watching other shows?

    As a reader I’m glad you’re binge watching/writing but I hope you don’t burn yourself out. :D

    By the way, would it be possible to request a write-up on a certain anime in exchange for a donation, (perhaps by Paypal or Patreon)?

    Also, welcome back :D.

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