Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Episode 1 – Heroes versus Utilitarianism, Fight!

Blog will slowly truck back into activity as I recover from an extreme case of Diablo 3 addiction, and get caught up on the new season, weekly round-up, seasonal overview for Summer, September month in review, all coming up, but for now:

So, Shirou died last episode, but he’s our main character, time to get some stuff done to fix him up, eh? Note: This episode follows episode 0, don’t watch it first. There’d also be some references to Fate/Zero and Madoka, but shouldn’t be too spoilerific.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) Slice of Life Home-Time:

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (TV) anime episode 1 notes - Emiya Shirou eating dinner with Fujimura Taiga

Cozy, silly. Before the storm.

1) “Good morning, Sakura”, and we pan up her breasts, to end in the half-bust LN-esque shot once more.

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