Aldnoah.Zero episode 11 notes – “We’re in Hollywood Now!”

Write-up this time is a lot more “observations and chuckling” than deeper content. Well, that’s what I was in the mood for.

So, Rayet’s choice was made for her by Inaho, who continues to be the one who gets to make all the decisions, including for other characters, and also makes the adults entirely redundant. But Slaine! Slaine finally got a break and got to make a decision of his own, but not due to his charming personality, just paying back for someone else’s act of saving Saazbaum. In fact, Slaine’s father is to blame for this whole war! “If only I hadn’t come to Earth!” said Asseylum, but if only Slaine’s father hadn’t saved Saazbaum’s life, eh?

Well, time for the last bastion of humanity and all of its death flags raised last episode to come under attack, though we have Inaho to save us! In Inaho we trust.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) Martian Domination, Take 20:

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 11 notes - Calm Craftman doesn't understand death flags

“Alex, ‘what are “Death Flags”?'”

1) “I have to say, I didn’t expect them to make a move on this place,” alongside with “I thought this war was supposed to end.” That’s what happens when you don’t consume media, or read literature, you don’t know how death flags work, heh. Someone should make an anime equivalent of the Scream series.

2) Amidst the snow-storm, the flower-looking Landing Castle blooms with the blossoms of explosions. I am a veritable poet!

3) Bunker busters, an underground installation, is this Matrix Revolutions?

4) 50% casualty rate within seconds, and here’s the smug Martian face! But he knows the earthlings aren’t to blame!

2) Running Around in Panic:

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 11 notes - Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia calling out for help

We all want Slaine, but know it’ll be Inaho. Where’s Nickleback when you need them?

1) “Search for Princess Asseylum and terminate on sight!” – How can they be just, when they know she’s innocent? You see, they can’t let her live without powers, because she’s always tied to the Aldnoah. She must be done away with. Even the grunts, one would think only the higher ups would be in on it like this.

2) “It’s dangerous here, I suggest we relocate at once!” -Where to?

3) “War was their objective all along, my assassination was but an excuse.” – And now Asseylum no longer feels guilt over having come to Earth, and won’t feel guilt over doing away with those vile Martians, who didn’t act out of misplaced honour.

4) Nice shot, of Asseylum shouting, but then we see it wasn’t at her aide, so it looks like a scene out of theatre, which is interesting, at least.

5) “Is there no one who can put an end to the Orbital Knights’ folly? Is there nothing more that I can do?” – Quick, someone light up the Inaho-signal, it’s time for him to get in the Inaho-mobile! More deprotagonization, another main character who’s helpless and waits for another to act.

3) Nowhere to Run To:

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 11 notes - Flying Jeep

This episode in a nutshell.

1) A shot of the place where Asseylum gave her speech, sure that it’d put an end to the war, now in ruins, along with her hopes.

2) “It’ll be hard to hold negotiations if the government collapses.” Are you kidding me? Worry about survival to begin with, “negotiations”? You’re getting subjugated, no one cares about negotiating with you :(

Thank you Marito, for stating the obvious.

3) Yup, as I said earlier, due to the Aldnoah Drives, they have to deal with Asseylum, she can never be merely a prisoner, a figure kept to observe. She will always have power, by merely existing, and not just as a symbol, but real power to affect change.

4) “Why are you always pulling this crap? Saying insane things with a perfectly straight face.” – See, to many viewers of anime, this single statement, that a character calls out something as nonsense would excuse it. But just as I said this week about something in Zankyou no Terror – that we know why a certain shitty villain is the way they are doesn’t make them any less shitty as a character, or a villain. Reasons, justifications, they don’t actually remove the problem, in most cases.

5) “But if she is of tactical use, we should make use of her.” Exploiting the Princess, exactly what Slaine wouldn’t have allowed, and why Inaho wouldn’t team up with him.

“If we lose, they’ll just going to kill her, anyway.” – Which is why last episode he said he didn’t save her life, since they’re in war, he just gave her some more time to live, for him to perhaps make use of her, as a resource.

6) “How many lives do you think will be lost going for this operation?” – “If we don’t do it, they’d all die anyway.” Yup.

4) Hollywood, Here I Come!:

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 11 notes - Kaizuka Inaho is rational

Have some rationality bombs, plebs! Well, he /does/ raise a good point.

1) Inaho looking at his sister’s “Do your best!” scribble – So he is doing his best, even if it might kill him, showing us he cares for his sister’s words. The siblings care for one another, Yuki sees Inaho as her brother before she sees him as a soldier, he sees people as resources.

2) Again with claiming responsibility, a couple of scenes after realizing it’s not her fault? What’s going on here?

3) Eddelrittuo driving the jeep looked so ridiculous. And why is the Princess sitting behind, as if this were a limousine?

4) A jeep leaping off into the air, so Hollywood. And then driving through being hit with a rocket launcherAnd then from the jeep to what’s effectively an airplane… So many Hollywood moments with the jeep. The little jeep that could, driven by a tiny loli :’)

5) “I probably have more experience fighting Martian weaponry than anyone else on Earth.” Boy’s right.

6) The fear of paratroopers, and why International Law doesn’t permit firing at airborne paratroopers. Googled, oh, just people evacuating from aircraft and such, not paratroopers.

7) Calling their Kataphrakt “Princess 1”, what if the Martians can hear their communications? :-/

8) “Whatever happens, protect your fellow passenger, at any cost!” So ironic for Marito to say so, so obviously we look at Magbaredge right after.

9) Is Inaho worried, pissed off? Who can tell! But he’s gritting his teeth, hee hee. And yes, Saazbaum did in fact listen to their communications

Post Episode Thoughts:

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 11 notes - Marito Kouichirou makes an ironic statement

We couldn’t let an episode go without ironic statements.

We Hollywood now! Much fighting, everyone making up, Rayet and the Princess, Magbaredge and Marito! Slaine, poor Slaine, he just runs around, chasing the Princess, and the action.

Asseylum was weird in this episode, understanding she’s not to blame, then blaming herself again. Inaho makes it clear he’ll do what it takes to get the job done, it’s not that he’s cruel or callous, but all those people would die either way should they fail.

Don’t really have much to say this about this episode. Explosions! Death-defying jeep-leaps! We’ll take our foes with us! Etc.

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4 comments on “Aldnoah.Zero episode 11 notes – “We’re in Hollywood Now!”

  1. Quill says:

    Can I just say that the jeep wasn’t actually hit by a missile in the face, if you look carefully, it was shot down by someone firing from the side just before it made contact with the wind screen. The person who shot it down was later revealed to be, of course, Rayet in a Kat.

  2. firemagnet says:

    At this point, the anime is really just to ridiculous to beggar belief. Aldoah might be able to allow the users an unlimited source of energy and free manipulation of gravity, but the constant steamrolling of the UE forces, least of all the demonstration of no tactical or strategic initiative or depth on the part of anyone except Inaho just completely breaks down the suspension of the show; the UE forces might as well just Zerg Rush.
    If you suffer a 50% attrition rate (most units are considered combat ineffective at 30% or less) within the first few SECONDS of a fight, then you’re simply doing it wrong on so many levels that you might as well drag out the general staff into the streets and have them shot, because they are detrimental to the tactical and strategic effort.

    Further, and with regards to technicalities, any idiot with any knowledge of history and conflict could tell you that a 75mm medium velocity autocannon will be ABSOLUTELY USELESS against any form of modern armor unless it’s at literally point-blank range.

    that the UE was so woefully under-prepared speaks either to the sheer scale of the destruction wrought by heaven’s fall (at least a third of Earth’s population would be dead), mass incompetence and CYAing in the EU military, or both (most likely the latter).

    Then again, that’s not what this first half of the series is about. What the series is, in long form, is the prologue to, the resistance; it’s the chickens coming home to roost, the fate of those who underestimate their opponents, the unraveling of the lie, and thus the subjugation porn ad-nauseam. It’s the how-we-got-here and the story of a few lucky (or not) souls who are struggling against the inevitable–that is, absolute genocide justified by the oldest of political CYA: the sweeping of local inequality under the rug via rampant institutionalized xenophobia and religious zealotry (in other words, exactly what’s going in Russia now).

    In that line, the Vers Empire is, put simply, the worst elements North Korea and Nazi Germany mashed together, on technological and techno-social steroids–their military progress the ultimate wet-dream of any would-be tyrant. Taken to a logical extreme, since the all but effortless victories are only vindicating a form of religious extremism that would make even the blood drain from the face of even most stanuch ISIS supporter, one can expect that any surviving Terran populations will be enslaved and made a permanent underclass in order to justify otherwise unjustifiable inequality within martian society–all made evident, of course, by a simple aldnoah activation test to prove “racial superiority.”

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