Journey with Kino’s Journey Day 3 – Traditions as Orientation

Welcome to the third day of watching an episode of Kino’s Journey, talking about it, and talking about things related to it. This time the focus is on traditions and ordering one’s life.

Episode 3 – “Land of Prophecies -We Know The Future-“

Tradition is King:

Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World / Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World episode 3 editorial

It might be best to find out how things relate and where to tackle this all by seeing what stands out, what seems to not belong. Three of the stories relate to the prophecy and the poet, and one does not. So that’s a good point to start, with the story of the Country Seeking Traditions. It’s a vignette that is aptly titled “Tradition”, and I think that for once it’s clear that’s what it’s about.

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