Aldnoah.Zero Episode 5 Notes – Honour’s Only Useful for Dying

Greek Tragedy in the making! You can check out my outline of the “dilemmas” the various characters are facing from last episode’s discussion. That seems to be the real source of tension and interest to me, right now. Not the tensions between the nations and factions, but how it will force characters to question their own beliefs and situations.

But yes, increasing the tension from without certainly brings the pressure cooker of change to boil – with how Marito is told, recognized, or accused of having wounds from 15 years ago, Rayet who is akin to Asseylum, in that her situation would be dire if the truth were to be revealed, and speaking of truth – poor Slaine, who must get the work done, which would require telling the truth he cannot speak.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) The Present is But Glorious Remnants of the Past:

Aldnoah.Zero anime episode 5 notes - Slaine Troyard and Princess Asseylum meet

1) This show is really pretty, isn’t it? When I look back at how many screenshots I take, when there are so many, and it’s not due to funny reaction faces (Barakamon!), then it’s usually due to being very pretty, or having a lot of lines that are “obviously important”. Aldnoah.Zero has some of both. Pretty and interesting architecture.

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