Zankyou no Terror Episode 2 Notes – Lose Attachments; Obtain Riddles

(Note: Episodic notes are still mostly to be found on the Episodics Notes’ page, but up to a couple every week will have their write-up appear on the main page, when I think they warrant it. For those who don’t know, I take the notes as I watch the episode, and merely re-order them afterwards.)

Last week’s episode was quite interesting. It was a very tight premier, with amazing visual direction and “camera” control, a very good OST, and the making of a very solid thriller.

“Facility kids”, saving someone from bullying, and the game of cat and mice beginning. Let’s see where we’re headed. Full write-up imminent.

Screenshot album, 63 images.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Freedom is the Freedom from Connections (Attachments part 1):

Zankyou no Terror / Terror of Resonance anime episode 2 - Mishima Lisa and her mother

1) “You can die where you are, or become an accomplice.” and then of course “There is no turning back.” She’s been given a choice, purportedly. But whichever way she went, her old life would be gone in a puff of smoke. Then again, it’s not like she enjoyed her old life.

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Summer 2014 Anime First Impressions – Part 2 (Anime Power Ranking)

The new season continues! Two more first episodes happened, one which was promising, and one which wasn’t. Some shows meandered in their second episode, and not a lot looked up. Let’s run them down.

First impressions for Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance), and Tokyo ESP. Weekly impressions for Akame ga Kill!, Aldnoah.Zero, Barakamon, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, Glasslip, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen (Silver Will Argevollen), Sword Art Online II, and Tokyo Ghoul.

The list is organized by how much I’ve enjoyed each episode, and the link in the title is to a more thorough write-up on the episode. For first impressions it means mostly more about production and presentation, but also about themes.

1) Barakamon Episode 2

Barakamon anime episode 2 overview

Screenshot album, overflowing with reaction faces.

This got the #1 spot. Was this the best thing I’ve watched this week? Probably not. It was the most fun I’ve had with an episode this week though. I chuckled and giggled and smiled my way through the episode. Poor Handa has it rough, with how everyone trying to help him just stressing him out more.

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