Revisiting Spoilers

The topic of spoilers, meaning ¬†revealing information from a story people hadn’t experienced yet, is a very relevant topic when you hang around geeky sub-cultures revolving around media consumption, and role-players for instance tend to read books, everyone watches television/films, and there’s obviously the anime sub-culture. I’ve changed my stance about “spoilers” back and forth over the years, so I think I’ll spend some time discussing it.

Soylent Green is People!

Some spoilers have been memefied.

Israel usually receives films 1-2 weeks after the USA, so as a teenager who spent time on international fora/chats, I was always worried and annoyed about sequel spoilers, such as spoilers for The Matrix Reloaded. I wanted to experience the film myself, I wanted to come to it fresh, and these people with their inconsiderate actions robbed me of that opportunity.

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