Liebster Award Round 1: Otaku Lounge.

This is a blog, and while most of the entries aren’t centered around myself, I think getting to know some trivial bits and pieces about my life couldn’t hurt, and it could even be fun, heaven forbid ;-)

Liebster Award TemplateAnyway, Liebster Award is one granted by bloggers to other blogs whom they think deserve more attention. I thank Artemis who nominated me here, back on December 17th (how time flies. I now see a post I promised to reply to within a week is a month old in a couple of days!). Artemis’ blog, The Otaku Lounge, is interesting, well-written, and worth your time. Aside from answering questions, I’m not going to actually nominate more blogs, because they’ve all been nominated and I dislike nominating people. Ho.

1. When did you first start blogging, and do you realistically see yourself still blogging in, say, 10 years from now?

14th March, 2002, back on LiveJournal, a personal blog, some prose, some micro-fiction, RPG related thoughts, etc.

Will I blog in 10 years? I’ve had 4 blogs, about 4 very different topics, but I do tend to not blog when I get busy, and I prefer chaining my interests. I’ll probably write, in some form. When I was heavily into league, I wrote some thoughtful posts on the league forum, when I played a miniature wargame I had a stickied post on the official forum where I wrote strategy guides and different ways to /think/ as you played the game.
So maybe I won’t “blog”, but I’ll probably still write masses, of some form, in some manner.

2. Describe your favourite country in the world in 3 words.

Never Never Land. When I turned 20 I jokingly said “Goodbye Peter Pan, hello Peter Pan Complex!” – more seriously, there isn’t really one. I hadn’t traveled much, and as I grew older I kept seeing the downsides to more and more countries :-/

3. You have to pick one country in which to live for the rest of your life, but it can’t be a country you’ve already lived in before. Or Japan. Where do you choose and why?

USA. I’d rather the place speak English, and I am absolutely miserable when it’s cold/overcast/rainy which rules England out. I guess Australia/NZ are options, but after living so long desiring proper internet/shipments from Amazon, it’d have to be that one :P

4. White, milk, or dark chocolate?

I am not sure what you’re asking. Oh, it just hit me, it’s different forms of chocolate. I’ll take them all! Heh. I’ll take milk, though I quite like the others as well, but prefer savoring dark more rather than eating it non-stop. Maybe dark :< Nitpick, white chocolate isn’t chocolate :)

5. What was the first television series (anime or otherwise) you ever fell in love with? Nostalgic merits aside, do you still love it today?

I don’t know its name, it was around 1997, animated but not anime, about a house gnome in the UK, that lived in a house, where the inhabitants couldn’t see him, and how he spent his days. You know what, I think I’d still like it… but as a bonus, the show that I find the most charming and seriously just “fell in love with” is Pushing Daisies. A few months ago I’ve watched the first episode again and tears just streamed down my cheeks. That the authors’ strike killed it made me incredibly sad. You should watch it.

6. What’s been the single best and worst television series (again, anime or not) of 2013 so far?

I’ve watched more or less only anime this year, so I’ll contend myself with that.

Worst – NouCome. Dear God did I suffer. I was suffering 50 seconds in, 2.5 minutes in, and I saw my life flash before my eyes as the 6-9 section felt interminable. I thought nothing could beat Yuushibu this season, and then NouCome happened. Dear, oh dear, was that terrible.

Best – I’ll probably award this to Shin Sekai Yori or Kyousougiga. Both being brave and going beyond what anime usually does, and being so well crafted. SSY might have ranked lower had it not been anime, such as if I’d read it as a book (and considering how much I read I’d have been quite judgmental), but it’s been released as an anime, so it wins.

7. If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

Here’s a terribly adult answer – the ability to stop time. If I could sleep with time stopped it’d be wonderful, and perhaps I’ll finally get all those blog posts out, got a list of ideas written down, it’s currently about 40 items long.

But otherwise, I keep thinking of flying, those waking fantasies. Flying, or just being “more” physically – running really quickly, leaping higher. But no, flying…

8. What did you want to be when you grew up, and would you still do that if you could?

A writer. Sure, but only if someone else pays all my bills, so I could write for fun. Much of my life what I wanted to be was 5 years old, I can’t, so we’ll scratch that off, heh.

9. Do/did you play any sports?

I hadn’t done much sports in recent years, but I’ve done swimming from 5-8, basketball at 4th grade, soccer at 5-6th grade, Judo at 5-6 years old, fencing at 2nd grade (including some local medals), and I’ve actually played tennis for 6 years, from 4th to 9th grade, at least twice a week, and kept playing on my own with friends and not as part of an organized thing till I was roughly 22 years old and the people I played with moved elsewhere. I’ve also played competitive Magic: the Gathering for many years and been in my country’s top 20 players, and when I played more League of Legends (before anime summer season hit) I was about top 0.5% of my chosen game mode, which is eSports, but still :P

10. Have you ever spent more than a couple of days in the hospital?

Nope. I was born relatively early so might have stayed a bit immediately after I was born (unsure), but nothing other than that.

11. In a world without internet, how would you probably spend the majority of your free time?

I’d read books. That’s what I’ve done before I’ve had internet, and how I spend most of my time in public transportation.
Hm, this actually took me a while! But I said I’ll do it, so here are 11 more (I hope you don’t get bored :3)

I’ve actually taken the time to reply to the 11 questions Artemis herself had been asked, because you can always know more trivial information about me:

1. What inspires you to blog?

I can’t stop it :P The more I write, the more I need to write about. Something that got me back to blogging is actually seeing people put down others for professing to like shows others didn’t like, and I can’t put up with that. I have ideas, and I want to share them, and it also helps in elaborating my thoughts. Another reason is that otherwise I’ll lose the thoughts – always nice to come back and read something you’ve written before. In my personal blog, sometimes I’d come across something I wrote years ago and forgot, and it’s like seeing a message from the past me to the new me, and I’m amazed by how well written/innovative some of the posts are, and it’s worth everything. It isn’t as relevant with my anime blog. Another reason here is to write it properly once and then link to it – laziness as an inspiration to do more!

2. What do you hope readers take away from your blog?
Other views. I try to get people to consider things from more angles, and to draw to non-anime sources. I hope they aren’t bored, because I know I’m not an “entertaining” blogger, and that readers are unlikely to smile or laugh at my posts, so I try to make people think, and re-think.

3. In a world without the internet, how would you try to accomplish the above?
I already do – I hold dialogues with people, about real life politics, movies, books, relationships, everything. At school, at workplaces, sometimes in the street.

4. Would you rather live in the mountains or by the beach?
Mountains. I don’t like sand that much, and I like my air without too much humidity, not to mention I enjoy seeing greenery. In the military, seeing sand without end made me sad. I like looking outside my window and seeing green trees on hills. I live in a hilly area.

5. What food are you proud you tried, but would never eat again?
Nothing comes to mind, I’m actually very picky about my food – I don’t like quite a few things, due to taste, including the local Hummus and Tehinna (still far better to most of what they sell elsewhere), eggplants, avocado, bananas, fish, and the list goes on.

6. Do you have any interesting stories behind any scars?
You can’t really see it, it’s right on the fold where my left index finger folds. I was 5 years old, came back from pre-elementary after we made a fruit salad there, mother was on the phone, I grabbed a lemon, a saw-toothed knife and began cutting. Cut into my finger, the lemon juice poured in, I cried a lot. Luckily they just finished a pass that shortened the path to the infirmary, where they put the velcro-thingy over it, and I’ve been healed!

7. How would you pitch your favorite travel destination to someone who has never heard of it?
It has me and my cat in it, and hundreds upon hundreds of books! It also has me in it, did I mention that? :D More seriously, I usually travel /for/ something, or to be with people, not really for a location :3

8. Your camera breaks while you’re on an exciting vacation. What do you do?
Last time I’ve been on a trip with a camera I took about 30 pictures in 13 days. It’s a hassle. I’ll just keep on my trip and enjoy it, that’s the point. Taking pictures gets in the way of the visceral enjoyment. Of course, if you’re not solo it can be different, since taking pictures then becomes a social activity. Erm, I’d deal with it, not a big loss, can just spend more time talking.

9. However big or small, what’s something you have always wanted to try doing?
Something I /always/ wanted to do? Hm. I keep changing, I’ve wanted to go to GenCon for many years, and I did back in 2007. I’d like to visit Japan sometime, I’d like to… I dunno. Publish a book, an RPG book, or short stories? I’m sorry, there are plenty of things I want, but I can’t think of something I’ve “always” wanted to do.

10. A favourite childhood memory?
Drawing a blank. There’s no one concrete memory, but I have memories of playing with my toys, or playing with my grandparents in the park where they live, or in their house, or with my cousin as we were children and sitting by the little table and eating hot dogs… plenty of small memories.

11. What person, in any place or time period, would you trade places with for a day?There is none. For however much I sometimes dislike my situation, I dislike it for being me, ergo suffering from chronic procrastination and some low moods, not for being where I am. For all I complain, I appreciate being me.

Anything more you’d like to ask, about the questions above? I have an account if you’d rather ask general questions, though you can do so here as well.

4 comments on “Liebster Award Round 1: Otaku Lounge.

  1. Artemis says:

    I first started blogging on LiveJournal too, back when I was in high school. Still going with LJ now, although it’s pretty much all personal as opposed to anime blogging.

    I have another question. :) You say you haven’t travelled much, but that you keep seeing the downsides to more and more countries as you grow older. Does that mean you’ve travelled to some places and disliked them, or are you referring more to things you find out on the news, internet, etc.?

    • Guy says:

      News, international politics, reading of political and economic situations within other countries, talking to residents, etc.

      In other words, my view of the world is becoming less idealistic and more cynical.

      And yeah, I’ve seen your LJ. I keep my LJ hidden these days, and hadn’t really updated it in years. I mostly keep it for the old content it has :3

      • Artemis says:

        I see. Out of curiosity, where in the world have you been to? Based on your own experiences there, did you like or dislike those places?

        Yeah, I keep most of my LJ private as well, even when I don’t say anything ‘private’ in the posts. I still update regularly though – LJ might have become something of a ghost town over the years, but it’s where I met one of my best friends, who coincidentally ended up moving to Japan about the same time I did.

        • Guy says:

          I’ve been to the USA a couple of times, and to England. I’ve been as a tourist, mostly, so I can’t really speak as to how I liked them. The issue isn’t really one of liking it as a tourist, but liking the culture and society and politics, with regard to how one would live there.

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