Sekai Seifuku ~Bouryaku no Zvezda~ / World Conquest – Zvezda’s Plot Episode 1 – A Crazy New World

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Slept in and then my internet decided to be shit, argh! Well, let’s dive into it, one of my more expected shows of the season.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) This is Serious Business™ into the Illusion of Comedy Comfort:

Sekai Seifuku - Bouryaku no Zvezda / World Conquest - Zvezda's Plot Episode 1 anime

  1. Well, the opening sequence told us one thing – the world conquest story, it will succeed. But, considering it did not tell us what “True World Conquest” is, unlike the fake illusionist world dominations, and considering how ruined the world looks, we don’t know what its “success” means.Yes, feast your eyes on what “success” looks like.
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