Steins;Gate Movie: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu – Retracing Our Steps

Steins;Gate Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu / Steins;Gate movie AnimeThis movie is “fan-service” in the best possible way – it doesn’t explore new ground, it doesn’t truly do anything new, but for people such as I, who really liked the cast, and wanted more time with the cast, and especially more time for Kurisu and Okabe’s relationship to be allowed to blossom, then this movie had been aimed at them, at pleasing them. But, given the premise of the show, you can also see that it includes what is also a weakness in that regard, even as it perfectly mirrors the series.

Needless to say, this is a Things I Like post – it assumes you’ve watched the series and the film, and spoils them. It doesn’t make sense to read this post unless you’ve watched the films, as I don’t describe what the film does, but discuss it. This post in particular might be somewhat less of a discussion of the film in a fully coherent manner, so please forgive me.

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