12 Days of Anime #4 – Watching Avatar Wan’s Tale Is a Mythic Experience (Legend of Korra)

Avatar: the Last Airbender is a great show, and I have many friends who’ve watched it, including with their children, a point I touched upon in my post about demographics, and as such I was quite excited for Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I liked that show fine, and had been quite excited for season 2, which aired this year. One Saturday I woke up to watch that week’s Legend of Korra, only to find out that we had a double feature on our hand, and quite a double-feature it’s been.

Beginnings - Avatar Wan - The Legend of Korra

The greatest human, standing between spirits and mankind.

“Beginnings” comprises episodes 7-8 of Korra’s 2nd season, and transports us 10,000 years into the past, to the birth of the first avatar, Wan. Alongside Wan’s story, we get to see the birth of bending, how humans finally emerged from their confined walls (almost zoos), and how darkness found its way into the world, as the world of spirits separated from the material plane. That is quite some “Just So Story” (Rudyard Kipling, for anyone wondering what I’m referencing).

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