12 Days of Anime – Moment #12 and Introduction – Getting Back on the Saddle

For those of you who don’t know, the 12 days of anime is an event anibloggers engage in, where they relate 12 moments that are related to anime from the past year – moments which made them smile or angered them, from current shows or older, moments where they went to conventions, made dramatic poses, sung the Poke’Mon song at work, etc. Though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I’ve decided to join in this year. Aside from my moments, I will also share moments provided by people on reddit, to whom I am thankful.

Outbreak Company Anime episode 2

…but without the free time, it’s more like hell.

Well, my #12 moment? It’s only proper to start in the beginning – resurrecting this blog from its three-years’ slumber. On April 1st I’ve declared the blog is coming back to life, and a few days later I’ve made one of the entries I’m still more pleased with, my editorial-review about Sword Art Online, where I discuss falling in love with a show and its characters, and perhaps describe the process of infatuation in general.