Monsters University – Show Versus Tell

MU, Monsters University

Monsters University is the prequel movie to Monsters Inc., which had been released almost 12 years ago. I didn’t watch that film in the cinema, but when my brother rented the DVD from Blockbuster’s for the weekend (yes, people used to rent physical DVDs in brick and mortar stores in the past), my baby brother watched it non-stop all weekend long. I’d pop around now and then, the movie would play, and I’d sit and watch. I estimate I watched it about 3 complete times that weekend, and I don’t tend to rewatch films in close proximity.

The above is basically me saying that I think Monsters Inc. was something special, a movie you could rewatch time and time again, a movie which had a really good emotional backbone (Boo was so good). They waited quite a bit before they’ve released this latest movie. I think it was a solid movie, but it’s not really a successor to Monsters Inc., and the setting is almost immaterial.

We meet Sully and Mike before they are friends, as they embark on the road to become Scarers in Monsters University. What follows is a regular run of the mill opposites become friend, underdogs rising to the top, how much are you willing to give up for success – a regular story of friendship and attempting to achieve your goals. The jokes are alright but not hilarious, and there are special effects, some special moments, and a general setting that tells you you’re in the same universe as Monsters Inc. – but on the whole, this movie could’ve just as easily belonged to any other franchise.

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