Anime-Thon Wrap-up, Midseason Posts, Blogging.

Well, my attempt at watching 54-ish episodes last week didn’t really pan out. I managed 31. I also managed to watch about 4 episodes of shows not related to that “project”. I sort of burnt out. I managed to cover the shows I’ve already been watching, I’ve managed to clear Blood Lad, Free! and Gin no Saji early in the week – but then, I didn’t actually manage to cover the shows I cared for such as Monogatari 2nd season, Day Break Illusion and Fate/Kaleid Prisma Liner Illya.

Hnnnnng! NanohaYou know how having deadlines is supposed to motivate you, except when you feel crushed under them? I ran head-straight into the moe-bland brigade of Servant x Service, Kiniro Mosaic and Love Lab (Hnnnnnnnggg!) I probably should have started with the stuff I care for, it’s the stuff I care for after all, right?
It’s just that I stared at my anime-library, saw these episodes, including ones I wanted to watch, and just didn’t feel like watching them.

Now, a weaker and less introspective person might blame themselves for their weak will or trying to bite off more than they can chew, but being the ever-perspicacious (gotta love words that cover the feeling of alliteration within just one word!) person that I am, I am going to blame the lot of you readers (or rather, the seeming lack of readers), for the lack of moral support as I stopped halfway down to diabetes in hell moe-moe land.

Well, this week will see me posting 4 “Mid-season impression posts”, this week being the next 7 days. I’ll sort them by the days of the week in which the anime gets released, with the first half of the week requiring a grouping and Friday-Sunday each getting their own entry. This also means I still have time to catch up on the shows I want to cover, but this time I’ll only try it with those I care for…

As for blogging in general, I decided to post between 1 and 3 entries a week, or if I’m really working hard on a long entry then there might be a week without an entry. I’ve decided to take the time and write the entries I wanted.

The early schedule had proved useful in getting me back to writing and engaging with the anime world, but now that I’ve got it covered I think I can just blog as I write, but still trying to make sure I blog consistently. I might drop a bit in activity until September, but then I expect to pick up steam and clear my post backlog.

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